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Boost health, reproduction and feeding to the next level with unique bolus technology, artificial intelligence and expert advisory services!

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Best technology for best results

The smaXtec bolus provides you with highly precise and unique data straight from the reticulum – data that you can’t get anywhere else! With information such as inner body temperature and water intake per cow, you gain unique knowledge about your cows to future-proof your dairy operation!

You will access valuable information and actionable recommendations in clear task lists and have the best overview of your herd 24/7. That‘s how future-proof dairy farming works!

70 %
up to 70%
reduced antibiotic use
up to 5 days
earlier in
disease detection
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The unique smaXtec health management
  • Herd
    • Early disease detection
    • Measurement of
      • inner body temperature (± 0,01 °C)
      • Water intake and drinking cycles
      • Rumination via reticulum contractions
      • Activity
    • AI-supported disease indication
  • Reproduction
    • Heat detection including insemination window
    • Calving detection ~15 hours in advance
    • Abort detection
    • Identification of fertility problems
  • Feeding
    • Feeding tool with ration groups
    • Detection of feeding errors and potentials
    • Optional: pH value measurement for targeted feeding optimisation
Your benefits with smaXtec


smaXtec delivers numerous benefits in key success areas for your dairy business.


  • Optimal performance
  • Leveraging the power of prevention
  • Unrivaled technology
  • Reproduction under control
  • Feeding at a glance
  • Optimised transition phase
  • Higher efficiency
  • Professional advisory
  • Ideal for large farms
  • Optimal performance
  • Leveraging the power of prevention
  • Unrivaled technology
  • Reproduction under control
  • Feeding at a glance
  • Optimised transition phase
  • Higher efficiency
  • Professional advisory
  • Ideal for large farms
Optimal Performance

Comprehensive monitoring of your animals gives you valuable insights to take your farm to the next level and increase profitability! By optimising reproduction and feeding, you can achieve significant cost savings. Early disease detection also has a positive effect on your results: Reduced vet costs, withdrawal periods and no performance drops! You optimise your farm continuously, increase milk yield and longevity.

  • Discover and use hidden potentials
  • Higher milk yield through optimised health, feeding and reproduction
  • Significant cost savings
Holstein cows that are milked
Leveraging the power ofprevention

With smaXtec you no longer act reactively, but proactively, and thus increase herd health. A healthier herd means more and better milk!
By using smaXtec technology, you detect and react to diseases days before other symptoms such as changes in feeding and rumination behavior or in milk. For example, you can combat milk fever or ketosis at the subclinical stage and prevent the outbreak of the disease altogether! Other diseases such as mastitis, metritis or pneumonia do not go undetected with smaXtec. With proactive treatments you save 4070+ %, depending on the disease type!

  • Early detection of (subclinical!) diseases
  • Early treatment strategies instead of reactive measures
  • Shorter disease duration, reduced antibiotics, greater longevity
Checking cow health data with the smaXtec app
Unrivaled technology

Only with smaXtec can you measure the gold standard for health monitoring: inner body temperature! Supplemented by other valuable data, you get the most comprehensive insight into your herd. Installing the system is also very easy all you need is a power socket, smaXtec provides the rest! In everyday life, you work with our easy-to-use software on your smartphone or PC, which is appreciated by our customers for its extremely high level of user-friendliness.
New functions and unique technologies are constantly being added, such as the recent AI-supported disease indication alerts or the water intake quantity per cow – as a customer, you will always benefit from our latest innovations!

  • Most precise and diverse data
  • Safe and easy installation and handling
  • Integration with herd management programmes for seamless data exchange
The unique smaXtec bolus
Reproduction under control

Heat detection
With smaXtec you can automatically and reliably detect oestrus. With the oestrus index and recommended insemination time, you can increase your reproductive success.

Only smaXtec informs you on average 15 hours before calving. This allows you to separate animals at the optimum time, provide prophylactic support if required and intervene if necessary.

In addition, continuous monitoring allows you to detect abortions or fertility problems at an early stage.

  • Inseminate cows at the optimum time
  • Improve reproduction KPIs
  • Reduce incidents during calving
Holstein cow with calf lying on straw
Feeding at a glance

Feed contamination, poor feed quality and feeding errors are (life) threatening for cows. With smaXtec, you can immediately detect all types of changes or problems related to feeding. With rumination data directly from the reticulum. The smaXtec feeding tool gives you a perfect overview of your feeding groups.
For targeted optimisation of feeding, we recommend the use of smaXtec pH boluses for part of the herd.

  • Identify problems with feed quality and feeding errors
  • Optimise rations
  • Provide targeted support during ration changes
Holstein cows eating in the barn
Optimised transition phase

The transition phase is crucial for the cow's performance. With smaXtec, you can optimally monitor the period around calving and intervene in the event of even the smallest irregularities. This ensures that the cow gets off to the best possible start to lactation!

  • Ensure appropriate feed intake
  • Targeted monitoring of rumination and water intake after calving
  • Detect and treat (subclinical) milk fever and other diseases earliest possible
Holstein cow in the stable
Higher efficiency

With smaXtec, you always know what's going on in the cowshed. Having all the information at your fingertips around the clock means you can plan your work better and avoid unpleasant surprises. With smaXtec, you’ll save time and effort: you know exactly which animals need your attention and don't have to search for conspicuous animals first. Tiresome routine tasks such as taking a temperature are no longer necessary. You optimise workflows and collaboration on the farm thanks to structured to-do lists and recommendations for action. Integration with common herd management systems ensures that data exchange and automatic selection run seamlessly.

  • Less time spent with better results
  • Better planning capability
  • Greater flexibility and independence
Happy young farmer standing in fornt of cows and looking at his phone.
Professional advisory

Together, we improve your farm! Our professional consulting team including international agricultural experts and veterinarians will provide you with advice and support to ensure that the use of smaXtec is a full success. To begin with, you can expect a comprehensive customer onboarding program with a personal contact person. Our team is also available to answer your questions at any time during ongoing use. The comprehensive training program (webinars, user days, digital smaXtec Academy) allows you to continuously expand your knowledge, benefitting you and your cows.

  • Comprehensive consulting from the smaXtec team
  • Ongoing training
  • You're in direct contact with the manufacturer
smaXtec customer Josef Bufler with smaXtec consultant in the stable
Ideal for large farms

Large operations face special challenges that we can help you with. With the smaXtec to-do lists and alerts, you can optimise SOPs and processes so that even less technically trained staff can successfully perform their tasks. AI-supported disease indication alerts enable even faster decisions. A clear overview can always be maintained, even with many different employees. By optimising numerous areas of your farm, you will reduce both workload and costs.

  • More efficient processes
  • Reduced workload and costs
  • Seamless integration into existing processes
Holstein cows in the milking carousel
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With smaXtec you have the following information at a glance
  • Inner body temperature
  • Water intake
  • Rumination
  • Activity
  • Rumen pH
Icon temperatur
Inner body temperature

If you want to detect diseases as early as possible, you‘ll have to measure inner body temperature! This is the first indicator of developing diseases. You can also use it to detect calving and feeding problems at group level.

Holstein cows eating in the barn
Holstein cows eating in the barn
Icon drinking behaviour
Water intake

Only a cow that drinks enough will produce the desired milk yield. But how do you know how much your cow is drinking? Only with smaXtec can you see exactly how often and how much your cows are drinking. This way, you can always ensure optimum water supply.

Drinking cow in a stable
Drinking cow in a stable

Rumination behaviour gives us an insight into the health and feeding of the animals. We measure it where it occurs: in the reticulum. This provides you with the most accurate data as a basis for your feeding decisions. In combination with temperature, you can detect diseases at an early stage.

Lying cows in a stable that ruminate
Lying cows in a stable that ruminate
Icon activity

Activity is the most important parameter for heat detection. It also allows you to quickly identify acute problems such as lameness. We also offer a heat detection algorithm for pasture.

cows in heat
cows in heat
Icon pH
Rumen pH

The pH value provides unparalleled insight into feeding and effects on the rumen. You can use it to detect subacute rumen acidosis (SARA) or other problems such as off-feed syndrome. With the smaXtec pH boluses, you can uncover feeding problems and enable needs-oriented feeding.

Holstein cows eating in the barn
Holstein cows eating in the barn
smaXtec News
News fromthe company
the smaXtec team at the smaXtec trade fair booth

Upcoming Events

12-13 April, Greymouth, New Zealand

Royal Cornwall Show
6-8 June, Cornwall, England, UK

12-15 June, Mystery Creek, Hamilton, New Zealand

TruAdvice mastitis indication notification

Brandnew: TruAdvice™ technology

The brand new TruAdvice™ technology is a revolution in dairy cow health management. It is based on extensive knowledge and years of high-quality data collection from hundreds of thousands of cows. As a first step, the disease measurement technology indicates suspected mastitis cases.

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smaXtec testimonial Sarah Russell

Brand-new testimonial from New Zealand

Read how Sara Russel manages her 850 cow herd with the smaXtec health management and how it helped her increase profitability. She gives insights into how process during breeding season have changed completely with smaXtec and shares impressing numbers regarding the reduced antibiotic use.

Read testimonial report

Success stories with smaXtec

Browse through the success stories of smaXtec customers from all over the world – from early detection of diseases to optimisation in management and improved reproduction figures.

Read success stories
smaXtec team picture 2023

Throwback to an amazing year 2023

In 2023, smaXtec once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and excelled with a captivating growth momentum! From ground-breaking technological innovations to the launch of the digital smaXtec Academy and new findings on methane reduction – the past year was a high-flying one!

Read now!

Success stories from our customers around the world

smaXtec has already made countless dairy operations more successful! Find out what our customers particularly appreciate about smaXtec.

Testimonial Joy Widerman Icon quote

Using the smaXtec system has allowed us to empower our employees to learn how to go about properly diagnosing cows.

Joy Widerman
US, 1300 cows
Picture of smaXtec testimonial Chris Reed Icon quote

The reproduction key performance indicators have changed a lot since installing smaXtec. It’s a dream for calving alerts. We now know how many cows we are going to have in the paddock and how many calves we need to pick up.

Chris Reed
New Zealand, 310 cows
smaXtec testimonial Martin Billington in his barn Icon quote

In terms of reduced antibiotic usage in the cows, I’d say I’ve reduced my intramammary usage by about a third.

Martin Billington
UK, 260 cows
smaXtec testimonial Sarah Russell Icon quote

The smaXtec system has saved us around 36,000 dollars in direct antibiotic costs this season. And that’s before I take into account the additional income from the milk that didn’t have to be withheld.

Sara Russel
New Zealand, 850 cows
jon cleave Icon quote
If you look across everything that smaXtec does, it certainly would, I believe, give you value for money. If you consider just on a fertility basis, shortening the calving interval, probably has paid for it.
Jon Cleave
UK, 180 cows
Peter Wood auf der Weide mit seinen Kühen im Hintergrund Icon quote
smaXtec helped us improve the welfare of the cows and bring cell counts down. Overall, the three-month average is 78’000 where we used to be always around about 100’000 to 150’000.
Whitehouse Farm Peter Wood
UK, 170 cows
smaXtec testimonial Hayden Lawrence Icon quote

Using smaXtec has improved heat detection, reduced mastitis cases and costs by 64% and 56%, respectively and helped better manage calving, calf health and fresh calvers.

Hayden Lawrence
New Zealand, 430 cows
Paul Burnell_video_EN Icon quote
smaXtec has been brilliant for me, my cows, my family, my farm. The return on investment for me would have happened within the first 12 months.
Paul Burnell
UK, 90 cows
Jeremy Clark_Longshaw farm Icon quote
The smaXtec Boluses pick up all health problems within the cows, it’s very early detection. It often picks mastitis up long before there are any visible signs.
Longshaw Farm
UK, 400 cows
Thumbnail_David Tait Icon quote
We have had very good experience with smaXtec in terms of detecting diseases very early on – mastitis, lung infections but also swollen hocks or sore feet.
David Tait
UK, 110 cows
Thumbnail_Joe Gardiner Icon quote
Big thing with smaXtec is the detection of mastitis, usually we see temperature increases, so we are stripping the cows out in the parlour, identifying mastitis probably 2 to 3 days beforehand.
Joe Gardiner
Ireland, 300 cows
smaXtec testimonial René Cornelissen in his barn Icon quote

With smaXtec we can record the temperature of all cows and with the same system we also get informed about imminent calving.

René Cornelissen
Denmark, 700 cows
smaXtec testimonial Koen van Steen Icon quote

With smaXtec, our fertility results have improved and our calving interval has been reduced from 415 days to below 400 days.

Koen van Steen
Netherlands, 162 cows
Rodney and Steph Goode Icon quote
I’d say we’ve increased our 60-day pregnancy rates by 25% since using smaXtec.
Rodney and Steph Goode
Australia, 380 cows
Ronnie Schellekens Icon quote
The smaXtec boluses in the cows and the insights they provide are like having an extra pair of eyes in the barn. All this surplus data, I wouldn’t want to miss it any more.
Ronnie Schellekens
Netherlands, 120 cows
The smaXtec App
Everything under control

With the smaXtec App and browser-based smaXtec Messenger Software, you can see what is happening in your cowshed and how your cows are doing at any time. Decide individually what you want to be informed about via push notification immediately.

Dashboard and curve of the smaXtec app
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The technology behind it
How the smaXtec system works
smaXtec boluses measure the inner body temperature, water intake, rumination, and activity – directly in the reticulum!
The Base Station reads out the data automatically. The Climate Sensor provides additional information on the outside temperature and humidity in the cowshed.
In the smaXtec cloud TruD, the data is analysed using artificial intelligence and proven algorithms.
You will access all relevant information on your PC and smartphone. The software can be connected with your herd management programme.
The smaXtec Customer Success Team will provide you with the best advice at all times – over the phone and on site.

In addition to our features, the smaXtec system helps you to discover further hidden potential in your business! The options are almost endless!

Checking cow health data with the smaXtec app
Awards & Prizes
Successful together

We are very proud of the various awards and prizes we have received in recent years for our achievements in the field of precision dairy farming and as a company.

Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2023
Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2023
EY Scale-Up Award
EY Scale-Up Award
Agrarfuchs 2020
Agrarfuchs 2020
DLG Innovations Commission
DLG Innovations Commission
Primus 2018
Primus 2018
Hofgenie 2018
Hofgenie 2018
AgraME Award 2013
AgraME Award 2013
EuroTier 2010
EuroTier 2010
Inel D'Or 2010
Inel D'Or 2010

Convince yourself of our advantages

To make sure that using smaXtec is as easy as possible for you, we offer integrations with many common herd managements programmes. Check here if an integration with your system is already available.

Definitely. Mastitis can be detected at an early stage based on an increased somatic cell count, but numerous other diseases such as pneumonia, retained placenta or influenza can only be detected early with continuous inner body temperature measurement. Additionally, smaXtec delivers further vital information such as calving detection and precise oestrus alerts, including a recommended insemination time.

Many customers use smaXtec on pasture. We developed a specific algorithm for oestrues detection on pasture, and all other functions (calving detection, health and feeding monitoring) work just as in the freestall-barn. Depending on how long your cows are on pasture, we offer different solutions. If cows are on pasture on a long-term, we offer solar-powered read-out devices. Get in touch with us and we will prepare a non-binding offer based on your specific needs.

Of course. The bolus technology has been developed carefully with veterinarians and technical experts. It complies to all necessary standards and has been tested and certified to be rumen fluid resistant by DLG (German Agricultural Association). Find detailed information about the safety of the smaXtec system for your animals here.

Yes, smaXtec is suitable for organic farms. Numerous dairy farms already use the bolus technology. Dr. Georg Eckert from ABCERT, a certification institute for organic operators, confirms that bolus technology can be used on organic farms in this interview.

Great health monitoring with earliest possible disease detection is particularly interesting for organic farms. The earlier diseases are detected, the easier it is to comply with the considerably stricter regulations concerning medication.

The bolus remains inside the cow for a lifetime. It remains in the same position in the reticulum due to its own weight, and is neither regurgitated nor digested.
You can see how the system works on a live farm at a reference farm close to you. Additionally, many research institutes use the system and are happy to show visitors. Get in touch with us so we can arrange a visit or connect you with a farmer nearby.

* The services offered by smaXtec do not replace medical diagnoses, medical examinations or treatments of animals. smaXtec does not assume any liability for the detection of diseases or the health management of the herd. Furthermore, smaXtec assumes no liability for the accuracy or interpretation of the measurement results obtained. The user is solely liable for any actions or measures taken as a result of the measurement results. smaXtec excludes all and any liability that could arise in connection with the herd management.