5 smaXtec New Year’s resolutions for a good start into 2021

We hope your New Year is off to a good start. Have you made good resolutions for the upcoming year? In case you still need some inspiration for your list here are 5 smaXtec New Year’s resolutions:

1. Sustainable change:

Help to make farming more sustainable. This includes, for example, a reduced use of medicines. The first step into the right direction: smaXtec boluses help you to reduce illnesses and the use of medication. Additionally, a conscientious use of our system leads to resource conservation and increased animal welfare.

2. No fear of innovation:

Sensor in the form of a bolus? Insights from inside? Detecting diseases up to 4 days before clinical signs are visible? This does not really sound like a typical cow monitoring system. However, our products have proven themselves in many respects and are being used on dairy farms of all sizes worldwide.

3. Improve animal well-being:

By detecting changes in the state of health as early as possible, you can act early, reduce the use of antibiotics by up to 70% and improve the health of your animals in the long term with smaXtec.

4. Keeping track:

Our monitoring system helps you to keep track of the needs of your herd wherever you happen to be. Thanks to time- and location-independent access to cow and herd data, you always have the certainty of being with your animals.

5. More time for important things:

Thanks to our products you can enjoy peace of mind and spend your time on other things. An automated, continuous measurement, which lowers the observation time as well as notifications, which give you certainty that everything is alright make it possible. Additionally, the smaXtec system is maintenance free and no animal-side work is necessary after bolus administration.

Contact us today and implement the most comprehensive system for monitoring health and reproduction in dairy cows on your farm.