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Continuous development: These smaXtec functions are new

smaXtec farmers work with the most advanced technology. New and practical functions are constantly being added to improve the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming – such as the recent feeding tool, categorisation of diseases according to severity and abort detection. Of course, the updates are provided to all customers without any hidden costs.

Feeding tool

The new feeding tool in the smaXtec Messenger Dashboard allows users to see how rumination times in different ration groups are evolving and if there are any abnormal changes. This new tool makes it even easier to optimise feed management on your farm with the help of smaXtec. A deviation of 15 minutes or more in rumination time on a group basis is already considered problematic and can indicate various issues in feeding management. Trends with possible fluctuations or daily changes are also visible in the feeding tool.

The new tool enables smaXtec customers to become aware of the following errors, for example, and to prevent them in the future:

  • mixing times too long/short (selection)
  • change of personnel
  • feed composition (new silage, changed dry matter content, crude fibre content)
  • abrupt ration changes
  • group change
  • feed is not pushed often enough
  • silage heating
  • insufficient amount of feed
  • herd health checks (the animals are fixed for too long)
  • hoof care, restlessness, stress

Categorisation of diseases according to severity

This feature is designed to help farmers in the future to assess faster and more accurately which animals need their attention urgently due to their health condition.

In modern agriculture, effective health monitoring is the key to a healthier herd and a reduction in antibiotic use. However, farmers today simply do not have the time to examine every cow around the clock. With the new function ‘Categorisation of diseases according to severity’, it is even easier for farmers to assess the severity of the disease directly with the alert and to decide which cow needs urgent attention and when a veterinarian should be notified.
Mag. med. vet. Mathias Petermichl, veterinarian at smaXtec

The smaXtec algorithms use certain factors – such as alarm combinations within the last 72 hours or the lactation phase a cow is currently in – to recognise how high the risk of an outbreak of a serious disease is. Suspicious animals are automatically ranked by high, medium or low risk.

This saves farmers time and makes work processes more efficient – in addition, they have the certainty that they can treat animals with a high risk of disease in a targeted manner. Also large farms are now able to reduce the number of individual events in the to-do list in order to concentrate on "high-risk cows". Of course, the possibility to view all alerts also remains.

Abort detection

Frequent abortions cause damage to a farm particularly quickly, both emotionally in the case of visible abortions and economically. This is because abortions often remain undetected for a long time and the cows fall out of their lactation rhythm. In addition, abortions often have direct consequences for the cow.

From now on, pregnant animals in which a conspicuous, oestrus-like cycle is detected are placed on a list for renewed pregnancy checks. smaXtec customers can now access the conspicuous animals and detect an abortion earlier. As a result, cows can become pregnant again more quickly, but sick cows are also detected earlier and thus treated sooner.

You would also like to use the smaXtec system on your farm and improve health and reproduction, save costs and work more efficiently?