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Measuring rumination: smaXtec sets new standard

How to understand your dairy herd even better?
With the new, unrivalled smaXtec TruRumi™ TECHNOLOGY! Read the blog post to find out more about smaXtec’s latest innovation and learn what makes smaXtec’s measuring method so special.

smaXtec already looks back at a history of revolutionary product innovations, such as measuring inner body temperature inside the rumen. Now we have succeeded in adding an additional parameter to our unique cow understanding system - rumination. As a result, the system can now do even more and enables you to understand your animals even better. The direct measurement of rumination at the spot where it begins – the reticulum - allows unique accuracy and reliability. This way, we bring early detection, for which we are already well-known, to a next level. Benefit from the new features as well as existing advantages such as zero-maintenance.

What makes the TruRumi™ technology so special?

The smaXtec bolus measures rumination directly at its source - the reticulum. Only smaXtec can do that! By measuring the number and duration of contractions in the reticulum, smaXtec identifies rumination times precisely. You benefit from precise alerts whenever your cows show irregular rumination patterns.

smaXtec doesn’t only stand out in terms of precision – your greatest benefit results from the combination of the new parameter rumination with existing information about inner body temperature, activity and drinking behaviour of your animals. This way, you gain even more knowledge about your herd, enabling you to make even better and well-informed decisions- in health and feeding as well as in oestrus and calving. With the improved smaXtec system, you will set a new standard in early detection on your farm.

But not everything is new: As before, you continue to benefit from the countless advantages of the smaXtec bolus technology compared to external measurement technologies. smaXtec measures inner body temperature, activity AND rumination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No tedious and time-consuming maintenance is necessary. Additionally, there is no risk of loss and injury due to the measurement position.

smaXtec example curve: perfectly healthy cow

Figure 1: Rumination, inner body temperature and activity of a perfectly healthy cow monitored with smaXtec

Even deeper insights into health

Thanks to the continuous measurement of rumination, inner body temperature and movement activity, you can draw even more precise conclusions about diseases and their severity. This allows you to further improve animal health and welfare as well as production success on your farm.

Example case: E. coli mastitis

By measuring rumination and inner body temperature, you can detect E. coli mastitis, which often has a severe, highly acute course, at an early stage. Temperature increases; rumination drops in more than 80% of cases. This allows you to intervene earliest possible and avoid a loss of the affected udder quarter or even the cow.

smaXtec example curve: e. coli mastitis

Figure 2: Changes of temperature and rumination in case of e.coli mastitis

Example case: Displaced abomasums

You will also be able to detect displaced abomasums at an early stage with the smaXtec system and its unique parameter combination. In case of displaced abomasums, both water intake and rumination activity decrease significantly. smaXtec observes both for you and informs you immediately. What’s so special about it? The continuous monitoring of water intake is unique and only possible with smaXtec.

Even easier calvings

Based on the characteristic decrease in inner body temperature, the smaXtec system notifies you on average 15 hours before calving. In addition, rumination data enabled by the TruRumi™ technology gives additional information about the start of the calving process. You will be able to observe your animals even more closely during the critical period around calving. This allows you to take necessary measures earliest possible if complications occur and save the life of cow and calf in an emergency.

smaXtec example curve: calving with retained placenta

Figure 3: Problematic calving with retained placenta

Example case: Milk fever

If a cow falls ill with milk fever shortly after birth, inner body temperature, movement activity and rumination drop noticeably. The continuous measurement of these three parameters using smaXtec boluses enables you to keep a close eye on your cows during the critical period around calving and to intervene immediately if problems arise. This way, you ensure sooner recovery as well as stable milk production on your farm.

Even more precise heat detection

The change in rumination combined with movement activity enables even more precise detection of oestrus, as rumination activity decreases noticeably during the oestrus period. These typical behaviour changes often only occur for a short period of time and at night. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring, you detect the slightest oestrus signs. Together with the automatically generated recommended insemination time, you can significantly improve insemination success and reproduction figures on your farm.

The smaXtec TruRumi™ TECHNOLOGY sets a new standard in early detection on dairy farms. Thanks to the unique further development of the smaXtec system, you will receive even more comprehensive information on the health, reproduction and feeding status of your animals and thus understand them even better. You will be able to detect diseases more precisely, heats more accurately and problems during feeding more reliably. At the same time, you save work and costs and have the certainty of always having everything in view.

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