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It's that time of the year again: The smaXtec round-up 2021

For 2021, smaXtec can look back on a very successful year – both for the company and our customers, as several millions of health messages sent clearly indicate. Despite many challenges, 2021 was a year in which we could grow and develop our business further. Read about a few of these success stories and achievements from the last year in the following blog post.

Early detection is a key success factur

Based on the health parameters inner body temperature, rumination, activity and drinking behavior, smaXtec provides farmers with valuable information on health, oestrus and calvings of their animals. Apart from the support of our agricultural consultants and veterinarians, the intelligent messages are the key to harnessing the power of our system. In case of an illness or an imminent calving, alerts are sent to our customers’ PC or smartphone enabling them to act early.
In the area of drinking behavior alone, an important factor for milk yield, there was a high five-digit number of alerts this year, warning farmers when there is a sharp drop or too few drinking cycles. Health problems or insufficient water supply are often the cause - in both cases, smaXtec helps to quickly identify the problem and find solutions. In the case of inner body temperature, a particularly significant parameter for cow health, there were by far the most alerts in 2021, which often enabled farmers to take action even before the onset of a serious illness.

Behind each of these messages there is a small success story – an infection treated early, a well-prepared calving without complications, or some other problem that was identified and solved early on thanks to smaXtec, even before worse consequences or further costs arose. Our customers often tell us shortly after installation that they no longer want to work without smaXtec due to the reduced workload and improved health of the animals. This is motivating and our contribution to better animal welfare at the same time.
Stefan Rosenkranz, CEO

Successful market entry in the US

Since the summer of 2021, smaXtec has been serving American customers from its US office in Madison, Wisconsin, with a team of sales and agricultural experts. In research and development, smaXtec has already been working closely with American research institutions for many years and, since this year, has been supplying the smaXtec health system as an exclusive bolus partner to the SmartHolstein Lab of the Department of Agriculture and Food Research at Western Kentucky University.

With a brilliant trade fair stand at the World Dairy Expo in September 2021, smaXtec was not only able to make numerous contacts and generate leads but did also win the "Daily Booth Award".

World Dairy Expo

Strategic growth

“As an innovative agri-tech company, we want to enable dairy farmers to operate profitably and sustainably. That's why we've been working hard to develop our technology and service portfolio in 2021," says CEO Stefan Scherer.

Not only did we add more than twice as many satisfied customers this year, but we also doubled our headcount and established a subsidiary in the US. We see ourselves as the most innovative health management system for dairy cows – because we are the only ones who can reliably measure body temperature and rumination in the body over the entire life span of the cow.
Stefan Scherer, CEO
smaXtec Team 2021

smaXtec Live & Digital On Tour

While many trade fair and event organizers had to postpone or cancel their events in the year 2020 due to COVID-19, the trade fair calendar 2021 was packed with events again. With the AirStream, our mobile smaXtec exhibition stand, our team was on the road throughout the UK, Ireland and Germany, offering outdoor info events.

It’s just great to meet interested farmers and exchange ideas with customers on site again. Although we were able to present smaXtec at a variety of trade shows and info events, our regular webinars continue to be extremely popular.
Chris Howarth, CSO

Many new smaXtec testimonials

As in 2020, a large number of our customers have agreed to become smaXtec testimonials this year. In the testimonial reports on our website and on YouTube, the farmers provide an insight into their everyday work with the smaXtec system and report how they can improve the health of the herd, achieve a more stable milk yield and reduce costs, antibiotics and their workload.

smaXtec testimonials 2021
Right after installation, smaXtec helped us save many cow lives very early on.
Paul Burnell, Devon, UK
smaXtec gives benefits across all cow health and it’s very accurate.
Jeremy Clark, Staffordshire, UK
smaXtec’s continuous temperature measurement is a big plus around calving.
Carsten Braack, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
smaXtec gives you unique information on rumination and drinking cycles at your fingertips.
David Tait, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK
Overall, smaXtec has easily paid for itself several times over.
Rodney and Steph Goode, Victoria, Australia
Since using smaXtec, the somatic cell count has gone down by 50,000 to 70,000.
Björn Dücker, Lower Saxony, Germany

Product news for 2022

For 2022, we are planning to bring numerous innovations to market: we will introduce many new features for our software and launch a new generation of products: the smaXtec pH Plus SX.2 Bolus. The measurement of rumen pH is the gold standard for feeding monitoring, which is why numerous farms and research institutions are already using this unique technology with the smaXtec pH Plus SX.1 Bolus.

We are very pleased to have welcomed so many new customers and team members to smaXtec in 2021 and to have significantly exceeded our goals. We look forward to 2022 with excitement and wish you and your families good health and a good start into the new year!