Inner body temperature before rumination.
Did you know that fever is often the only reliable sign of mastitis, metritis, pneumonia and hardware disease? Rumination often does not change at all or only much later, when the disease has already progressed.

Measure inside, detect diseases earlier, avoid severe disease progression, reduce costs. With smaXtec.
Inner body temperature is the gold standard for early disease detection
A change in body temperature is the first sign of the most common production diseases in dairy cows and is therefore considered the gold standard for reliable early detection. Continuous temperature monitoring with smaXtec allows you to detect diseases even before rumination decreases or external signs are visible. This head start makes body temperature by far the most valuable parameter you can use to monitor and ensure herd health.

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The smaXtec Boluses pick up all health problems within the cows, it’s very early detection. It often picks mastitis up long before there are any visible signs, you get a temperature warning.
Longshaw Farm, Jeremy Clark, smaXtec customer from the UK
Precise temperature monitoring directly inside the reticulum
Inner body temperature in the rumen is 0.5 to 1° C higher than a rectal measurement, depending on the lactation phase. However, it correlates with the temperature measured at other locations and is therefore particularly suitable for continuous health monitoring. With the unique measurement accuracy of ±0.01° C, smaXtec measures inner body temperature at this unique position with the smaXtec bolus around the clock and detects diseases as they arise.

In doing so, smaXtec not only assesses the temperature based on predefined standard values, but also records the individual normal temperature for each animal. The reason: The normal body temperature varies from animal to animal and changes in dairy cows depending on age and lactation phase.

The intelligent smaXtec system therefore creates an individual temperature profile for each animal and can precisely detect and evaluate even the slightest deviations from normal temperature. As soon as the body temperature changes significantly, you are notified immediately and can take necessary steps right away – well before rumination activity changes.
Every proper examination includes temperature measurement – or a look at the smaXtec temperature curve!
Mag. med. vet. Mathias Petermichl, Veterinarian at smaXtec
Easier temperature monitoring for fresh cows
Freshly lactating cows are being closely monitored on most farms. But with a larger herd, the time required for regular temperature monitoring of the animals increases considerably. The complete documentation of the temperature curve by smaXtec helps them to detect even short fever episodes, which are all too easily overlooked, even if you measure fever 2-3 times a day. In addition, long-term temperature monitoring also makes it possible to detect diseases that develop at a later stage of lactation or during the dry period and transition period.

If the temperature drops after calving, this may indicate a metabolic disease such as milk fever (parturient paresis), ketosis or abomasal displacement. You should also pay attention to the cow if her body temperature rises, as this may indicate infection or inflammation that needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent performance drops and cow loss.
Big thing with smaXtec is the mastitis, usually we see temperature increases, so we are stripping the cows out in the parlour, identifying mastitis probably 2 to 3 days beforehand.
Joe Gardiner, smaXtec customer from Ireland

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Your benefits

  • Shorter and less severe
    disease progression
  • Less antibiotics and
    avoidance of waiting periods
  • A healthier herd
    with higher longevity!

How smaXtec early detection assists you in improving health

smaXtec supports you with best possible, comprehensive and continuous monitoring of individual animal and herd health. Thanks to the variety of measured data with highest quality, you are informed immediately in case of health issues and can thus react earliest possible.
  • Inner body temperature changes up to 4 days before clinical symptoms become visible. The type of temperature change helps determine if it’s a feverish or metabolic disease.
  • Rumination is also an important indicator for health issues. Rumination behaviour often changes particularly early in case of diseases such as e.coli mastitis, ketosis or displaced abomasum.
  • Thanks to the bolus position, smaXtec can also measure drinking cycles reliably. If an animal or the whole herd shows significant changes in drinking behaviour, you will be informed. This is often an indicator for health issues.
  • Activity data offer further valuable insights into cows’ health status. They help particularly in detecting lameness based on activity decreases.
  • The combination of smaXtec health alerts often enables first conclusions to be drawn on the type of disease. During the comprehensive training with the smaXtec team you’ll receive all information enabling you to get most out of the smaXtec system.

How do you benefit of smaXtec early detection for health?

More vital animals through precise health monitoring
More vital animals through precise health monitoring
Less severe diseases on your farm
Less severe diseases on your farm
Reduced usage of medication such as antibiotics
Reduced usage of medication such as antibiotics
Reduction of cost caused by diseases
Reduction of cost caused by diseases
Continuous temperature measurement – also for non-suspicious cows
Continuous temperature measurement – also for non-suspicious cows
Higher productivity as well as higher animal welfare
Higher productivity as well as higher animal welfare

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