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Arbeit am Betrieb
Health, Management, Reproduction
Reducing workload. Saving time. With the smaXtec health system.
drinking cow (c) shutterstock
Feeding, Health, Management
No milk without water - drinking behaviour of dairy cows
Reliable health monitoring
Fressende Holsteinkühe in den USA
5 smaXtec New Year's resolutions
smaXtec team 2020
Feeding, Health, Management, Reproduction
smaXtec 2020 round-up
Zugluft im Stall
Draughts in the barn
smaXtec TruRumi technology
Feeding, Health, Management, Reproduction
Measuring rumination: smaXtec sets new standard
Stress bei Milchkühen
Health, Management
Stress in dairy cows