Björn Dücker - Farmer

Dairy farm in Germany, 300 cows

The Dücker Farm has been a family-owned business for seven generations and has been working with smaXtec for three years. Located only a kilometer away from Germany’s North Sea shore, the family and all farm staff are using the smaXtec system for heat detection and monitoring cow health.

“To me, having good cow health means that our cows are well and strong. We are using smaXtec to detect diseases sooner and we can see problems even before a disease might break out – for instance when a cow’s feed intake is too low, when she’s not drinking enough or when she gets fever”, says the farmer about the system’s benefits. The clear structure of the smaXtec system on the PC and in the smartphone app are helping him to treat cows earliest possible and to get cows back on their feet using simple means.
To Björn Dücker, the advantages are obvious: “Since we’re using smaXtec, somatic cell count has gone down by 50.000 to 70.000.” The ability to act sooner and start treatment much quicker has had a very positive impact: “We have been able to reduce our veterinary costs and use fewer antibiotics. Since we started using smaXtec, everyone has actually benefited - the animals, the employees and us, of course”, says Björn Dücker in summary.

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