Cam Forbes - Farmer

Dairy farmer in New Zealand, 600 dairy cows

Cam Forbes uses smaXtec Classic as well as smaXtec pH Plus Boluses. He is delighted about the changes he’s already seen on the farm and says: “We had a cow that calved and had a prolapse, and the vet warned us she may get an infection in a couple of weeks. We were able to treat the cow straight away before she was fully infected and showed clinical signs.” The temperature alerts also help him to get onto herd health issues much earlier. Cam Forbes benefits from a better understanding of feed management through the pH Plus Boluses, which were inserted in 5% of his herd of 600 cows. Just recently the smaXtec alerts showed a big shift in herd temperature as well as a decline in activity. A nutritionist detected elevated mycotoxins in the maize silage that the cows were eating. The diet was changed, reducing toxin levels and improving animal health and increasing reproduction activity.