Carsten Braack - Farmer

Dairy farm in Germany, 550 cows

Carsten Braack has been using smaXtec on his dairy farm in Schleswig-Holstein for several months and has seen very good results and great time-savings. “smaXtec offers great support by making dairy farming more sustainable, improving animal health, reducing antibiotic usage and keeping high-performing, long-living animals. This is a huge benefit." he explains.

He is very impressed with smaXtec’s continuous measurement of inner body temperature – a big plus around calving: “In the past, we had problems with milk fever. Now, we can give calcium to these animals in good time if they need it, because we can see a drop in temperature in the curve diagram very quickly. As a result, we don’t have animals with milk fever anymore. Measuring the temperature directly inside the cow gives very quick and precise results which saves us time, as well.”

With smaXtec’s curve diagrams in the Messenger application, Carsten Braack is keeping a close eye on fresh cows: “After calving, the temperature curve and the rumination curve tell us very clearly if the cow has a good start into lactation and if we need to take action.

In the heifer shed, smaXtec is a time-saver, too, thanks to its reliable heat detection: “Every evening, I’m doing a tour of the stables. Before, I had to closely monitor the animals to detect heats which is no longer necessary and only takes half as long now. Instead, I can inspect the animals and push the feed”, Carsten Braack reports. Cows in heat are then separated automatically via the integration with the herd management system.

„smaXtec helps us to improve animal health. For me, this means that the cows feel comfortable, look good and make a healthy impression”, he summarizes.

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