Daniela Schönberger - Farmer

Dairy farmer in Germany, 270 cows

Daniela Schönberger has been using the smaXtec system since the end of 2018. Only recently, she has equipped more cows with the new smaXtec Bolus SX.2 to keep an even better understand her animals. "smaXtec is great. I am very satisfied with it. The measurement of rumination activity completes the system and makes it an all-in-one package," Daniela Schönberger says.
Thanks to the continuous measurement of rumination, the farmer can also recognise animals with only slight signs of heat. No external signs were visible, but rumination has decreased noticeably, making Daniela Schönberger aware of oestrus.

The smaXtec system also provides reliable support for Daniela Schönberger and her team in the areas of animal health and calving. Daniela Schönberger reports: "The smaXtec calving alerts are almost 100% reliable. They fit perfectly." If the farmer receives a calving alert and the calf is not yet born within the next 36 hours, this is a clear sign for the farmer that something is wrong with the cow. Thanks to this information, Daniela Schönberger can initiate support measures.
"I particularly like the temperature measurement of the smaXtec Boluses. It enables us to detect udder problems, for example, much, much earlier," Daniela Schönberger explains. Before milking, the farmer checks all notifications in the smaXtec App and creates a list of conspicuous cows. She then carries out a California Mastitis Test on these animals. "Something is then wrong with 80% of the tested animals. This way smaXtec helps me to detect udder problems much earlier.” Daniela Schönberger reports.
The farmer is also very happy with the smaXtec App. "Thanks to the mobile app I always know what is going on in the barn without being there. I don't have to go to the barn all the time to stay up to date. This leaves me more time for other important things," Daniela Schönberger says.

She is particularly enthusiastic about one thing: the service and customer care at smaXtec. "What is very important to me is good service. And smaXtec definitely offers that. I am in very close contact with the customer support team, which always helps me with my questions," Daniela Schönberger concludes.

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