Franz Schellinger - Farmer

Farmer in Germany, 46 cows

For Franz Schellinger it is really important to have high-performing cows at his farm and a healthy herd is the basic requirement for this. Since using the smaXtec system, the farmer has been able to reduce the use of antibiotics on the farm significantly.
smaXtec is also a great help on Franz Schellinger's farm in reproduction matters. The calving notifications work very reliably. But the farmer is particularly impressed by the system's heat detection. Franz Schellinger has a breeding bull in his herd. The challenge here is to determine the correct calving date and, as a result, to find the correct time for dry-off. "Thanks to the heat detection from smaXtec, I can now very easily determine the insemination date and thus always take the right actions at the right time," says Franz Schellinger.