Henning Beyer - Farmer

Dairy farm in Germany, 120 cows

On Henning Beyer’s farm, smaXtec was installed in June of 2021. From the very beginning, he was committed to test the system’s features and effectiveness of early treatment. Through this “field test”, he quickly realised that preventive measures based on smaXtec’s system alerts effectively lead to significant cost savings.

In this way, he was soon able to detect several cases of mastitis and reported that the smaXtec system detects diseases before clinical progression and on a consistently high level of accuracy. Consequently, he managed to lower operational costs on his farm – for instance through reduced cost for veterinary treatments, a significant reduction in antibiotics usage or reduced mortality.

Animal health improved across the entire herd, as well: Many animals’ diseases now progress much less severe, as Henning Beyer can detect diseases in his animal through smaXtec’s health monitoring early and can start treating them accordingly, even if they initially show no clinical signs.

Aside from smaXtec’s convincing package of features and the high data quality, customer-oriented service was a deciding factor for Henning Beyer. I’m very pleased with the expertise in customer care. Getting to know the system and the onboarding process with the customer success team has worked brilliantly”, says Henning Beyer. “That’s how good customer care should be.”

Henning Bayer
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