Longshaw Farm - Farmer

Dairy farm in UK, 400 cows

Jeremy Clark installed smaXtec at Longshaw Farm in Staffordshire in November 2020 and has since been able to improve record keeping significantly. “I couldn’t imagine not using the smaXtec system – it is very simple to use and has improved how we farm”, Jeremy explains. As he is working with dairy management software UNIFORM-Agri with full integration of smaXtec’s health monitoring, seeing all the data in one place has been a huge benefit to everybody on the farm.

“The smaXtec Boluses pick up all health problems within the cows, it’s very early detection. It often picks mastitis up long before there are any visible signs, you get a temperature warning to which we then do a California mastitis test and this gives us an indication as to whether there is a problem that we will see in the next 24 hours”, he says. Through smaXtec’s early detection, the dairy farmer was able to significantly reduce the use of antibiotics. Most of the time, diseases can be treated with anti-inflammatory agents and udder cream instead.

After installing smaXtec, the fertility of the cows quickly improved at Longshaw Farm: “Within the first 3 months, our days to first service went down 14 days and the days to pregnant went down 34 days” says Jeremy. Also, the close monitoring of each individual cow with calving alerts up to 36 hours in advance allows to check for problems much sooner. Thus, they can identify calves that are coming backwards or any twisted births, which helps to save the cow and the calf.

From the administration of boluses to newly purchased cows to monitoring the herd at Longshaw farm, smaXtec’s comprehensive customer support and seamless integration into dairy management software such as UNIFORM-Agri makes the transition to day-to-day operation very quick and easy. For Jeremy, this saves both time and money, as all the information has to be put only onto one system and automatically gets transferred: “I would 100 % recommend smaXtec to any other farmers. It’s a fantastic system, it gives benefits across all cow health and it’s also very accurate when having the bolus in. There is no interference with anything else and it’s just very easy to use.”
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