Ronnie Schellekens - Farmer

Dairy Farmer from the Netherlands, 120 cows

Ronnie Schellekens from Goirle in the Netherlands has been using smaXtec since 2019. The smaXtec health system has allowed him to significantly improve overall herd health and heat detection on his farm.

smaXtec supports cow health management

“My overall herd health has greatly been improved since I have been using smaXtec. The system certainly detects any issues fast, which enables me to handle fast and accordingly”, farmer Ronnie Schellekens reports. “If a cow has E. coli, and you are able to apply fever treatment immediately, you make sure she heals, drinks water and gets rid of any toxins. Great, I think!”

Improved heat detection

Since Ronnie Schellekens has installed the smaXtec system, heat detection has significantly improved. “We observe their heat on time, and notice her cycle, especially after the cows are 50 to 60 days in milk, we have seen their heat for sure”, says Ronnie, knowing that precise heat detection is crucial for every dairy farm’s success. “A cow that is pregnant on time results in a higher production, less fattening, less problems with cysts and other health challenges”, the farmer explains.

Ronnie Schellekens is also very satisfied with the calving alerts the system sends on average 15 hours before calving. “I think that the calving alerts from smaXtec is a user-friendly and practical tool. It helps me to know when to place the cow on straw, so she doesn't have to calve on the concrete grid floors.”

Unique insights into health and rumination activity

smaXtec is the only system measuring rumination based on rumen contractions directly inside the cow. “smaXtec's rumination measurement suits me well, because it allows me to see if there is enough rumination at herd level, and if my cows keep eating”, Ronnie reports. “The smaXtec boluses in the cows and the insights they provide are like having an extra pair of eyes in the barn. All this surplus data, I wouldn't want to miss it any more.”

Increasing productivity with healthier cows

Farmer Ronnie Schellekens knows how to make the best use of the smaXtec system improving both herd health and productivity. With currently 10.200 liters milk per cow and year, with 4,30% fat and 3,55% protein, Ronnie Schellekens aims to improve production and efficiency. “I am looking to increase production to 11.000 liter, while milk components remain stable”, he explains. “smaXtec is going to have a significant role achieving that, because of improved udder health and insemination timing.”

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