William Daly - Farmer

Dairy farmer from Ireland, 142 cows

Irish dairy farmer William Daly is milking 142 cows on his farm in Cork and installed smaXtec in early 2021. For him, the smaXtec system has been a big help in monitoring herd health: “We find the smaXtec system very helpful, as we can pick up early, detect early and treat early.”For William Daly, the smaXtec system contributes significantly to keeping his dairy cows in good health: “Herd health is probably the biggest challenge on the farm. We find the smaXtec monitoring system very helpful for managing issues such as mastitis, pneumonia problems or lungworm. The health of the herd is improving now: we are seeing very low mortality rates.” the farmer reports. “If I just see a cow on the monitor in trouble, we can treat her sooner rather than letting her get to a clinical stage where the vet has to come out and we have to spend a lot of money and use a lot of antibiotics.”

Accurate heat detection increases breeding success

After more than a year of using the smaXtec system, William is very happy about the accuracy of smaXtec’s heat detection: “From the point of view of breeding, it has taken off a lot of the work out of it.” he says. “Last year was our best year so far on the breeding side of things. The smaXtec monitoring system definitely played a part in that.” Overall, William is very happy about working with smaXtec: “The customer service at smaXtec is exceptionally good – anytime, day or night, our salesperson is there to answer the phone or a text. I can totally recommend smaXtec.”
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