Brand-new: TruAdvice* disease indication

smaXtec's bolus-based health system has already achieved recognition for its unrivaled early detection. Now smaXtec has launched another world's first: Disease indication via ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

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Brand-new: TruAdvice technology

TruAdvice technology represents a revolution in early disease indication in dairy cows. It is based on extensive knowledge and years of high-quality data collection from hundreds of thousands of cows. As a first step, the technology for high probability disease measurement reports suspected mastitis cases. Learn more about our latest groundbreaking innovation.
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Upcoming Events

December 6th – 10th, Brussels, Belgium
Royal Ulster Winter Fair
December 14th, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, UK
January 17th – 18th, Fredericia, Denmark
January 17th – 18th, Birmingham, England, UK
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Brand new testimonial from the US

Recently we visited our customer Natasha Sutherland from Stein Farm in Leroy, New York and she shared their experience with the smaXtec system with us. Read the testimonial right now.
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Mastitis "Level Zero"

"Level zero" is a significant breakthrough in veterinary medicine that will help dairy farmers detect mastitis in cows earlier and more accurately. With the detection of emerging mastitis already at "level zero", smaXtec gives farmers a whole new scope for action, improves animal welfare and ensures sustainable milk production.
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Success stories with smaXtec

Browse through the success stories of smaXtec customers from all over the world - from early disease detection to optimisations in management and improvements in reproduction.
Success stories

Only a healthy herd enables…

  • Health

    • a stable, high milk yield
    • a significantly reduced cell count
  • Reproduction

    • a considerably better insemination index
    • easier calvings for cow and farmer
  • Time & Money

    • comprehensive cost reduction
    • reduced stress & workload
For mastitis, we generally get a temperature alert two days before you see any sign in the milking parlour.
David Tait UK, 110 cows

Only the most precise system brings you real success.

Therefore: measure inside and get the most precise data! Only smaXtec provides you with such a variety of valuable information.
  • Measure inner
    body temperature
  • Monitor
    activity levels
  • Rumination with
    smaXtec TruRumi™
smaXtec App in use Get the best cow and herd data 24/7. Act preventively.
Jeremy-Clark_Longshaw-farm_250 Be part of the dairy farmers who trust in the proven smaXtec system!
Landwirt am Feld mit Smartphone Access it anytime, anywhere.

The smaXtec
health system

Become more successful with a stable, high milk yield while reducing your workload and cost.

24/7 monitoring

Anywhere & anytime.
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Early detection

Every hour counts.
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Recommended actions

thanks to artificial intelligence & agricultural experts.
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Herd health

for a stable, high milk yield.
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with progress monitoring.
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Heat detection

Better fertility KPIs on your farm.
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Calving detection & monitoring

Easier calvings thanks to early alerts (Ø15h).
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Feeding optimisation

through pH value measurement (optional).
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And that's how the smaXtec System works

Safe. Easy. Better.
You only need one power plug.
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Continuing progress:
our technologies

We are permanently working on further extending our technological lead. That's how we provide you with best cow data and action recommendations.

smaXtec TruRumi™

smaXtec measures, where rumination begins: In the reticulum.
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smaXtec TruD™

Precise recommendations thanks to the smaXtec cloud & artificial intelligence.
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Installing smaXtec on your
dairy farm is easy!

Step 01 / 05

Arrange a consultation

In a consultation meeting, you’ll learn about the smaXtec system and discuss how it can be implemented on your farm.

smaXtec-System - Auswahl Geräte
Step 02 / 05

Selection of devices

Our sales and customer support team will determine the right number of devices with you. This way, we ensure that sensor data is read out continuously and you always access the latest information about your herd.

smaXtec installation
Step 03 / 05

On-site installation

A member of the smaXtec team will do all necessary preparations with you. He or she will install the read-out devices, support you with bolus administration and sets up your smaXtec account. Afterwards, you can already access your cow data.

Foto Support Website 2
Step 04 / 05

Introduction by customer support

After installation, our customer support team will call you a few times to introduce you to the different functions of the smaXtec system. You will adjust settings according to your needs and clarify all open questions.

Step 05 / 05

Always happy to support you

Of course, the customer support team will further accompany you when the first phase with smaXtec is over. Whenever you have questions, you can get in touch with us via email, phone or directly in the smaXtec software. Our team is looking forward to supporting you and will ensure that you make best possible use of your smaXtec system.

success stories

Natasha Sutherland
US, 1225 COWS

We’ve been able to identify mastitis or ketosis in the cows before the staff members can actually visibly see the symptoms in the parlour. Being able to identify that, has been really helpful.

natasha stein
Eric Grotegut
US, 3300 COWS

We were breeding 75% of shots before, but now with smaXtec we reduced our shot usage by 75% and our hormone usage has decreased by 70%.

Martin Billington
UK, 260 COWS

In terms of reduced antibiotic usage in the cows, I’d say I’ve reduced my intramammary usage by about a third.

Bill Jewell
UK, 650 COWS
smaXtec pinpoints where we’ve got to look. So, we’re not looking at 650 cows, we’re looking at a handful of cows that have got issues at that time.
Bill Jewell
Sara Russel
New Zealand, 850 COWS

The smaXtec system has saved us around 36,000 dollars in direct antibiotic costs this season. And that’s before I take into account the additional income from the milk that didn’t have to be withheld.

Hayden Lawrence
New Zealand, 430 COWS

Using smaXtec has improved heat detection, reduced mastitis cases and costs by 64% and 56%, respectively and helped better manage calving, calf health and fresh calvers.

Sheldon Luehmann
US, 125 COWS
It has been much easier to deal with cows having a tough transition after freshening by getting ahead of the symptoms and being able to use more natural remedies for things instead of antibiotics.
Testimonial Luehmann
Nathan Radue
US, 250 COWS
Temperature is key to catching mastitis early. I use more probiotics and aspirin now at that first temperature alert and can see the results almost instantly through the constant monitoring provided by smaXtec.
nathan radue
Jason Kline
US, 190 COWS
The heat detection component is so helpful, as are the calving alerts and rumination monitoring. It’s like having eyes on each of your cows on a full-time basis.
Jason Kline Klinedell farms
Chad Butts
US, 800 COWS
The smaXtec features of tracking core body temperature and the calving alerts make me feel like we’re at the next level of cow monitoring for extra assurance that we’re not going to leave any cow behind.
chad butts testimonial
Jon Cleave
UK, 180 COWS
If you look across everything that smaXtec does, it certainly would, I believe, give you value for money. If you consider just on a fertility basis, shortening the calving interval, probably has paid for it.
jon cleave
William Daly
Ireland, 142 COWS
Last year was our best year so far on the breeding side of things and the smaXtec system definitely played a part in that.
William Daly from Ireland
Robert Spiller
UK, 180 COWS
smaXtec has benefitted us, as we have less calf losses and more cows in-calf which saves us money on insemination, and we have more calves to sell.
dairy farmer Robert Spiller
Whitehouse Farm Peter Wood
UK, 170 COWS
smaXtec helped us improve the welfare of the cows and bring cell counts down. Overall, the three-month average is 78’000 where we used to be always around about 100’000 to 150’000.
Peter Wood auf der Weide mit seinen Kühen im Hintergrund
Hurtgenlea Holsteins
US, 160 COWS
Prior to using smaXtec, we did 90 % of our breeding with Ovsynch protocol and maybe 10 % were natural observed standing heat. With the smaXtec system in place, we are now breeding only 10 % on shot protocols.
Adam Hurtgen
Fränk Thielen
Luxemburg, 70 COWS

The system gives you all the relevant data at a glance, so you have the entire animal welfare under control. An enormous help for me.

Reiff Farm
Luxemburg, 530 COWS

Thanks to early disease detection, 98% of mastitis cases are treated with AHV Boli on our farm and we only very rarely have to resort to antibiotics.

Paul Burnell
smaXtec has been brilliant for me, my cows, my family, my farm. The return on investment for me would have happened within the first 12 months.
Paul Burnell_video_EN
Henning Beyer
Germany, 120 COWS
I’m really happy with the expertise in customer care. Getting to know the system and the onboarding process with the customer support team has worked brilliantly.
Henning Beyer
Longshaw Farm
UK, 400 COWS
The smaXtec Boluses pick up all health problems within the cows, it’s very early detection. It often picks mastitis up long before there are any visible signs.
Jeremy Clark_Longshaw farm
David Tait
UK, 110 COWS
We have had very good experience with smaXtec in terms of detecting diseases very early on – mastitis, lung infections but also swollen hocks or sore feet.
Thumbnail_David Tait
Joe Gardiner
Ireland, 300 COWS
Big thing with smaXtec is the detection of mastitis, usually we see temperature increases, so we are stripping the cows out in the parlour, identifying mastitis probably 2 to 3 days beforehand.
Thumbnail_Joe Gardiner
Arjen Schotanus
Netherlands, 200 COWS

Cows get sick all the time. However, with smaXtec they can be detected quickly thanks to modern technology. Early detection means that measures can be taken early to limit the damage.

Testimonial Arjen Schotanus
René Cornelissen
Denmark, 700 COWS

With smaXtec we can record the temperature of all cows and with the same system we also get informed about imminent calving.

Koen van Steen
Netherlands, 162 COWS

With smaXtec, our fertility results have improved and our calving interval has been reduced from 415 days to below 400 days.

Rodney and Steph Goode
Australia, 380 COWS
I’d say we’ve increased our 60-day pregnancy rates by 25% since using smaXtec.
Rodney and Steph Goode
Ronnie Schellekens
Netherlands, 120 COWS
The smaXtec boluses in the cows and the insights they provide are like having an extra pair of eyes in the barn. All this surplus data, I wouldn’t want to miss it any more.
Ronnie Schellekens
Marcel Vrielink
Netherlands, 102 COWS

The first thing I do in the morning is to check everything via the app. As a result, I know exactly what the system has reported over night. This allows me to plan my workday more efficiently.

Paul Doble
I use smaXtec as an early warning system, to pick up issues early, take preventive measures and reduce use of antibiotics.
Thumbnail Paul Doble
Quintrell Jerseys
UK, 300 COWS
During calving and AI time, the system is invaluable, especially the notifications on my phone. With smaXtec, it’s like having an extra person watching the cows. It has reduced stress – on us and the cows!

Our awards
& prizes

Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2023
EY Scale-Up Award
Agrarfuchs 2020
EuroTier 2018
Primus 2018
Hofgenie 2018
AgraME Award 2013
EuroTier 2010
Inel D'Or 2010

Advantages of the smaXtec bolus technology

To make sure that using smaXtec is as easy as possible for you, we offer integrations with many common herd managements programmes. Check here if an integration with your system is already available.
Definitely. Mastitis can be detected at an early stage based on an increased somatic cell count, but numerous other diseases such as pneumonia, retained placenta or influenza can only be detected early with continuous inner body temperature measurement. Additionally, smaXtec delivers further vital information such as calving detection and precise oestrus alerts, including a recommended insemination time.
Many customers use smaXtec on pasture. We developed a specific algorithm for oestrues detection on pasture, and all other functions (calving detection, health and feeding monitoring) work just as in the freestall-barn. Depending on how long your cows are on pasture, we offer different solutions. If cows are on pasture on a long-term, we offer solar-powered read-out devices. Get in touch with us and we will prepare a non-binding offer based on your specific needs.
Of course. The bolus technology has been developed carefully with veterinarians and technical experts. It complies to all necessary standards and has been tested and certified to be rumen fluid resistant by DLG (German Agricultural Association). Find detailed information about the safety of the smaXtec system for your animals here.
Yes, smaXtec is suitable for organic farms. Numerous dairy farms already use the bolus technology. Dr. Georg Eckert from ABCERT, a certification institute for organic operators, confirms that bolus technology can be used on organic farms in this interview.

Great health monitoring with earliest possible disease detection is particularly interesting for organic farms. The earlier diseases are detected, the easier it is to comply with the considerably stricter regulations concerning medication.
The bolus remains inside the cow for a lifetime. It remains in the same position in the reticulum due to its own weight, and is neither regurgitated nor digested.
You can see how the system works on a live farm at a reference farm close to you. Additionally, many research institutes use the system and are happy to show visitors. Get in touch with us so we can arrange a visit or connect you with a farmer nearby.

* The services offered by smaXtec do not replace medical diagnoses, medical examinations or treatments of animals. smaXtec does not assume any liability for the detection of diseases or the health management of the herd. Furthermore, smaXtec assumes no liability for the accuracy or interpretation of the measurement results obtained. The user is solely liable for any actions or measures taken as a result of the measurement results. smaXtec excludes all and any liability that could arise in connection with the herd management.