New learning platform: the digital smaXtec Academy

The digital smaXtec Academy rings in a new era of further education in the dairy industry. From mastitis to the latest technologies – modern learning makes you fit for the future.

The new digital smaXtec Academy enables another step towards a future-oriented dairy industry. The advanced online platform promises farmers comprehensive training in the field of dairy cow diseases and modern animal health management technologies.

Science meets practice: focus on mastitis

With the Academy, smaXtec is not only focusing on knowledge transfer, but also on advanced training for dairy farmers. Because the platform goes beyond conventional teaching methods and combines scientific progress with practical know-how to offer thorough training. Perfect for ambitious farmers who want to develop themselves and their business.

The Academy's inaugural course puts the spotlight on the most common disease of dairy cows – mastitis. Here, you are guided through the current state of science and gain insights into the unique findings of smaXtec. The course provides an in-depth understanding of early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Modern, practical, effective!

In close cooperation with international veterinarians and experts, the Academy sets new standards in advanced knowledge transfer. Different formats such as videos, podcasts, texts, quizzes, exercises and community learning create a multi-faceted learning environment. This diversity not only enables traditional teaching methods, but also active engagement, exchange of experiences and networking within a dynamic learning community. Optimal conditions not only to absorb knowledge, but also to apply it practically.

A look into the future – made for farmers

In addition to the inaugural course on mastitis, we already have exciting plans for further courses, including, for example, a course on feeding management using pH value. The overall goal of the digital smaXtec Academy is to provide qualified training to you to enable you to improve disease management, reduce costs and optimise milk performance. Because the future of successful dairy farming will be shaped by a sound understanding of animal health and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

The digital smaXtec Academy marks a decisive step in further education for dairy farmers, paving the way for sustainable and efficient dairy farming.

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