The notes function and its benefits

smaXtec is constantly improving and offering new, convenient features for all customers. One of the latest features is the note function, which allows users to keep track of important health and treatment information for each cow.

With the note function, users can add and review events and individual notes for each cow, both via the smaXtec App and in the messenger on the PC. This can be information on treatments, or notes on changed parameters and management.

notes function in the diagram

The note can be viewed by every person on the farm, promoting optimal collaboration. Thus, users can easily check what was observed when in which animal, and which treatment was carried out. In addition, the note of each animal is stored sorted by date. In this way, the event history for each cow can be easily traced at a glance.

Optimised watchlist with to-do list

All the animals that need special attention can be put onto a separate list, the watchlist, with just a few clicks. This way, customers can keep track of them conveniently at all times in one place. The notes function allows adding multiple watchlist to-dos to an animal. The to-dos can be checked off either individually or all at once. Adding new features like these helps users to manage their daily workflows even more efficiently. This ensures that no treatment will be missed and no important information will slip under the radar.

The note function is really useful and exactly what I was missing. I had mentioned it at an earlier time and now I find the implementation really good.

A smaXtec customer from Germany

With enhancements such as the note function, smaXtec actively supports farmers in being perfectly equipped for the growing demands on farm management. smaXtec is constantly evolving in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all users. Ideas and suggestions from our customers are an essential part of this process. This is why the note function has been developed and optimised for dairy farming in response to many requests and in consideration of farm requirements.
Whenever there are new functions and updates, all customers automatically take advantage of the implementation. This way, smaXtec farms can be sure to always benefit from the most innovative and best technology on the market.