smaXtec 2023: Groundbreaking innovations and successful growth

In 2023, smaXtec once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and excelled with a captivating growth momentum! From ground-breaking technological innovations to the launch of the digital smaXtec Academy and new findings on methane reduction – the past year was a soaring success!

With its unique bolus technology, smaXtec, together with farmers, makes a major contribution to future-proofing the dairy industry year after year, thereby promoting more sustainable and regional production in the dairy industry. We look back on twelve months full of outstanding achievements.

Groundbreaking findings in the fight against mastitis

The discovery of Mastitis "Level Zero" at the beginning of last year was a major breakthrough in disease detection, revealing that Mastitis can be detected long before "stage 1" with its typical externally visible symptoms. This revolutionized what was previously considered good practice in the fight against Mastitis. But that's not all: in 2023, smaXtec launched TruAdvice™, an artificial intelligence that creates new possibilities in animal health monitoring. The TruAdvice™ technology enables specific notifications in cases of mastitis suspicion, allowing farmers to act even more proactively and manage animals' health more efficiently. Mastitis is the first of many diseases for which TruAdvice™ generates a disease indication notification.

The smaXtec TruAdvice technology is truly ground-breaking. It revolutionises the way we farm and sets new standards in animal health monitoring – absolutely remarkable!

Manuela Illgen, smaXtec customer

Digital learning with the smaXtec Academy

To ensure that smaXtec customers always get the most out of the system, smaXtec launched the digital smaXtec Academy in 2023. Developed in collaboration with international veterinarians and experts, the educational platform offers a diverse learning environment that includes various formats such as videos, podcasts, texts, quizzes, exercises and community learning. This diversity not only enables passive information intake, but also promotes active engagement, exchange of experience and networking within a dynamic learning community.

smaXtec in the spotlight

smaXtec was represented at numerous events around the world last year. With the presentation of the latest TruAdvice™ technology, the World Dairy Expo was one of the highlights of the year. In addition, smaXtec won the Royal Dairy Award in the UK, which was presented by Princess Anne herself. Another highlight was the first Future-Proof Dairy International Summit powered by smaXtec, which brought together future-oriented dairy farmers with veterinarians, technology experts and academics from all over the world and facilitated valuable exchanges on topics relevant to the future of the industry.

Reducing methane emissions by up to 15 % with smaXtec

Healthier cows live longer, have less milk loss due to diseases and therefore reduce methane emissions per kilogramme of produced milk by up to 15 %. This was the result of a study by smaXtec and the HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein. With smaXtec, dairy farms can achieve just that: detect diseases as early as possible, take preventative action and reduce methane emissions per kilogramme of milk at the same time. In this way, the use of smaXtec can contribute to ensuring a more sustainable milk production through healthier cows.

smaXtec continues to grow

For the third consecutive year, smaXtec has recorded impressive doubling. Not only the number of actively monitored cows but also the number of employees increased last year. Additionally, smaXtec opened another branch in New Zealand. This consistent, dynamic growth reflects the company's continued success, but also emphasises smaXtec's commitment to raising the standard of cow health management to a new level.

In 2023, we were again able to double the number of satisfied customers once again. We are using this success to further develop our system towards even better and AI-supported advisory services for our customers. I would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us and all our employees for their tireless work on behalf of our customers. I look forward to 2024 with many customer-centred innovations!

Dr. Stefan Scherer, CEO
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