Brand-new: TruAdvice disease indication

Advancements in technology and artificial intelligence have not only conquered the human world in recent years, but have also reached agriculture. A groundbreaking innovation in the dairy industry that exemplifies this development is smaXtec's new TruAdvice* technology.

The TruAdvice technology from smaXtec represents a revolution in early disease indication in dairy cows. It is based on extensive knowledge and years of high-quality data collection from hundreds of thousands of cows. By combining measurements using bolus technology inside the cow and artificial intelligence, TruAdvice not only enables early disease indication, but also the precise identification of suspected mastitis cases. The interaction of highly accurate data and artificial intelligence empowers enables farmers to respond quicker and in a more targeted manner.

TruAdvice mastitis indication notification

TruAdvice combines data quality and expertise

What makes TruAdvice special is not only the advanced artificial intelligence, but also the wealth of data collected and analyzed by smaXtec over many years. The highly intelligent system continuously learns from the collected data, collaboration with farmers, veterinarians and experts, as well as important research findings. The combination of advanced technology, high-quality and diverse data, and years of experience takes early mastitis indication to a new level. After mastitis "Level Zero", smaXtec once again demonstrates what early detection means in animal health and reinforces smaXtec's position as a technology leader. Currently, the TruAdvice technology reports suspected mastitis cases – depending on the pathogen, the mastitis detection rate is around 90% – but more diseases will follow. In the future, farmers will not only receive early notifications of abnormalities in the health of their animals, but also a direct indication of probable disease.

Reduced workload for farmers

The introduction of TruAdvice also means a significant reduction in workload for farmers. Thanks to the early reporting of suspected mastitis and automatic interpretation of the data, farmers can be even more proactive and manage the health of their animals more efficiently. With clear work instructions for mastitis cases, health management is optimized and less experienced staff can take the right actions to support a fast recovery. “We have been using the smaXtec system for many years, and it has become an essential member of our team. Alongside human animal husbandry skills smaXtec gives us extra guidance. We already use the system as an early warning for mastitis, using the temperature alerts. We are very excited to hear about the latest development which will signpost mastitis even more accurately. What a great idea!” states Steve Axford from the Axford Farm. Axford’s enthusiasm comes from the fact that early indication of mastitis through TruAdvice allows farmers to use milder medications before the disease reaches an advanced stage. This leads to a significant reduction in antibiotic use and helps to improve animal health and constant milk production.

We are excited to take advantage of smaXtec’s new artificial intelligence features to act even more proactively.

Amber Horn from Hornstead Dairy with 1800 cows

A new era in animal health

The combination of TruAdvice, artificial intelligence and early disease indication is revolutionizing animal health and the dairy industry. Existing smaXtec customers also recognize the potential of TruAdvice and are eager to benefit from of the new technology: "We are excited to take advantage of smaXtec’s new artificial intelligence features to act even more proactively. smaXtec was already great in providing real time health monitoring but with their TruAdvice technology I get an alert that identifies mastitis as the suspected problem for a specific cow", says smaXtec customer Amber Horn from Hornstead Dairy, who runs a dairy operation with around 1800 cows. Farmers benefit from more efficient early disease indication and treatment, while animal health and milk production are sustainability promoted. TruAdvice is a groundbreaking technology that is leading the industry into a promising future.

* The services offered by smaXtec do not replace medical diagnoses, medical examinations or treatments of animals. smaXtec does not assume any liability for the detection of diseases or the health management of the herd. Furthermore, smaXtec assumes no liability for the accuracy or interpretation of the measurement results obtained. The user is solely liable for any actions or measures taken as a result of the measurement results. smaXtec excludes all and any liability that could arise in connection with the herd management