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Early detection

What does early detection mean?

Early detection means working preventively. Using early detection means you’re informed about processes that are not visible to you from the outside. So you can take action early on – and the sooner you identify the problem, the more you can limit any impact it may have on the cow.

How does smaXtec early detection work?

Inner body temperature changes as soon as the immune system reacts to germs and stress. Thanks to smaXtec, you no longer need to wait until initial clinical symptoms become visible.

Early detection enables you to spot first signs of changes inside the cow’s body. smaXtec continuously measures inner body temperature, rumination, activity levels and drinking behaviour of your cows. This way you can take appropriate action at an early stage, care for your cows in an optimal way and safeguard their milk production.

Early detection enables you to take preventative action. This has a positive impact on your cows, your day-to-day workload and your farm.


Advantages of the smaXtec bolus technology

Best data

We deliver unique, highest-quality data – directly from the rumen. You have more knowledge and can take the right decisions.

The most comprehensive system

Only smaXtec offers so much valuable information about your cows: You always have an eye on their body temperature, rumination, activity levels and drinking behaviour. It provides you with profound insights into health, oestrus and calving events on your dairy farm.

Unique TruRumi™ technology

Only smaXtec measures rumination where it begins: in the reticulum. This is why smaXtec can measure highly precise data. Compared to other systems, the system delivers data with unmatched accuracy and robustness.

Individual care for every cow – 24/7

smaXtec gets to know each cow and monitors her individually. This means, the system looks for changes compared to the cow’s individual normal values and takes into account relevant information such as the current lactation phase. This is why we can provide you with precise alerts as a sound basis for your actions.

Safe for your cow

Once administered, no further animal-side work related to the sensor is needed. The bolus cannot be lost or cause any injuries.

Simple installation

You only need electricity for the read-out devices. They are automatically connected to the Internet and are completely maintenance-free.

Easy handling

It only takes three clicks per cow per year so we can provide you with comprehensive and unique knowledge about your cows.

A perfect fit for your farm

You decide which alerts you receive via which channel. Additional farm-individual settings can be implemented for you, so the system works exactly how you need it.

Share cow knowledge

You can share smaXtec data with your family, employees, your vet or other people. This way, you can optimally use the unique knowledge.

Independent and valuable

No matter where you are, thanks to the cloud-based solution you access your cow and herd data at any time. Thanks to the unique insights, you take the right measures and sustainably improve both animal health and financial outcomes.

smaXtec: The best technology for cow monitoring

Why you should choose smaXtec?

We help you to better understand your cows. Unique data and valuable information enable you to take data-based, informed decisions. This way, you improve reproduction, health and productivity of your cows. At the same time, the system saves you effort and cost while giving you peace of mind.
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