Arjen Schotanus - Farmer

Dairy farmer in the Netherlands, 200 cows

Arjen Schotanus runs a dairy farm with around 200 cows in the province of Friesland and has been using smaXtec since February 2023. He immediately recognised one of the biggest advantages of the health system: "Cows get sick all the time. However, with smaXtec they can be detected quickly thanks to modern technology. Early detection means that measures can be taken early to limit the damage." smaXtec enables the farmer to keep an eye on all the cows 24/7. "Between a quarter past four in the morning and eleven at night, someone is in the barn to check the cows. smaXtec is present in the barn 24 hours a day," Arjen Schotanus points out.

Calving management made easy

The continuous measurement of important health parameters, first and foremost the inner body temperature, facilitates management, especially during calving period. "With the user-friendly app, problems around calving can be managed in time," Arjen Schotanus reports. "We can clearly see how the cow's eating and drinking behaviour as well as her activity and temperature develop before and after calving."
smaXtec sends an alarm an average of 15 hours before birth. "The calving alert helps us to take additional measures for the cows, such as administering a calcium bolus in good time," Arjen Schotanus explains.

Early detection and faster cure of mastitis

"Before the milking machine is running, we know if a cow has mastitis", reports Arjen. With smaXtec, mastitis can be detected at an early stage and before externally visible symptoms appear. "Among cows with a high somatic cell count, we often already know that the increased temperature is due to mastitis. The cows are then in the very first stage of the disease and are always immediately rubbed with udder mint." Early detection can prevent a severe course of the disease, and often with little or no antibiotics. "Treatment with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs or a bolus have been successful on our farm, and the cows have recovered quickly," says Arjen Schotanus.

A success-oriented approach with smaXtec

Farmer Arjen Schotanus appreciates the early detection provided by smaXtec, which gives him greater scope of action and enables a more proactive management. "With smaXtec I can now fish in front of the net instead of behind it," he reports. "smaXtec gives new insights into the business. Structurally recurring problems can be addressed, and any organisational blindness disappears. The result is that the 'sick' cow gets back in shape faster, with as little or no antibiotics as possible."

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