Dairy Farm Brandtner - Farmer

Dairy farm in Austria, 60 cows

Markus and Sandra Brandtner have been using smaXtec since 2019. The easy handling and automatic smartphone alerts convinced them rapidly to implement smaXtec on their farm. Their favorite function is the very precise heat detection with the insemination window. Additionally, the early calving alerts are very practical for them.

What they like in particular? Automatic temperature measurements. The dairy farmers were able to detect several cases of mastitis and milk fever on their farm, which enabled them to take action faster and consequently save treatment cost. Antibiotic use has also decreased since the installation of the smaXtec system.

Temperature measurement has another advantage: “We save time as we do not need to regularly take temperature in fresh cows anymore. Not having to take temperature manually is really convenient.

Sandra and Markus Brandtner are impressed by the detailed overview of the entire dairy herd provided by smaXtec, especially with handling being so easy. This is why they fully recommend the system.

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