Dairy Farm Heil - Farmer

Dairy Farm in Austria, 54 cows

Martin and Tanja Heil have been smaXtec customers since 2017. Since the family runs several business divisions and qualified workers are in short supply, there was not enough time for extensive animal observation on the farm before smaXtec. For this reason, the Heil Family decided on the smaXtec system. Ever since it has proven itself to be a reliable assistant on the dairy farm.

Since using the smaXtec system, the reproduction figures have improved significantly. The calving interval has decreased by 15 days and the insemination index has dropped by 0.2 inseminations. The age at first calving has also been significantly reduced.
Martin Heil is very satisfied with the calving detection of the smaXtec system. "The calving detection works for 95%, if not more, on our farm," he remarks.

Thanks to the automatic temperature measurement from smaXtec, the farmer saves a lot of time and still knows how his cows are doing at all times. In case of mastitis, Martin Heil receives a temperature alert from the smaXtec system 12 to 24 hours before external symptoms become visible. These notifications enable him to treat the animal earliest possible. "These temperature alarms are especially practical during the dry-off period, when we do not see the cows twice a day during milking," says Martin Heil.

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