Marcel Vrielink - Farmer

farmer from the Netherlands, 102 cows

Marcel Vrielink, proud owner of a dairy farm in Deurningen (Netherlands), describes the smaXtec system as some sort of WhatsApp group with his cows. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, smaXtec serves as a mouthpiece between the animals and the farmer. This allows farmers to gain unique insights into the health of their cows and detect signs of disease or malaise at an early stage. "By connecting directly with my cows, I can see what's wrong with them even before external symptoms become visible," Vrielink emphasizes.

Disease prevention through early detection

The use of the smaXtec system has proven particularly effective in disease prevention on Marcel Vrielink's farm. Numerous diseases can be detected at an early stage and treated with mild measures. "Since I have been using the smaXtec system in the barn, the number of e-coli cases has been reduced significantly," he explains. But that's not all: the system has also notably improved the overall heat detection.

Optimal conditions for successful reproduction

By providing clear and accurate detections, the smaXtec system assists farmers in choosing the ideal time for insemination, which has a direct impact on reproduction rates. This early detection of abnormalities in animals helps to identify diseases early and greatly reduces the use of medications. The accurate calving notifications provided by the smaXtec system also allow Marcel Vrielink to prepare better for a smooth start after calving. "As soon as I receive the calving notification, I take the animal to the straw barn and milk 4-5 liters of milk in advance," he says. This preventive measure ensures high quality milk for the calf directly after birth "and I have less problems with milk diseases shortly after birth because it already takes a lot of pressure off the udder."

Efficient daily schedule thanks to digitalization

Using the smaXtec system not only has a positive impact on animal health, but also on Marcel Vrielink's workflow. "The first thing I do in the morning is to check everything via the app. As a result, I know exactly what the system has reported over night. This allows me to plan my workday more efficiently," Vrielink emphasizes. "The biggest help for me has been in calving and early detection of udder infections."

Rest and safety for farmers and their herd

Marcel Vrielink emphasizes the relief and comfort that using the smaXtec system means for him in everyday life: "Because the smaXtec system is a mouthpiece between my cows and me, I have much more peace of mind and a clear overview of what is going on in the barn, whether I am at home or out in the country." For Marcel Vrielink, this continuous monitoring adds to the peace of mind that the health of his animals is constantly being monitored, which ultimately leads to improved animal welfare and an optimized dairy operation.

Marcel Vrielink's experience shows how smaXtec has revolutionized health monitoring and operations on his dairy farm. With this unique connection between animals and farmers, smaXtec enables early disease detection, optimized workflows and improved animal health.

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