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Farmer from Luxemburg, 530 cows

On the Reiff family farm in Luxembourg, which is home to a proud 530 cows, the introduction of smaXtec has initiated a significant change. Progress that has not only improved animal health, but also strengthened the family values and efficiency of the farm.

"Closer to the cow"

"Since we started using smaXtec on the farm, we are simply closer and earlier to the cow. I can select the animals at an early stage and the treatment is therefore more successful." This proximity not only enables improved health management, but has also led to an impressive reduction in antibiotic treatments. "Thanks to early disease detection, 98% of mastitis cases are treated with AHV Boli on our farm and we only very rarely have to resort to antibiotics. Since smaXtec, we have seen a significant reduction in antibiotic treatments."

More flexibility thanks to smaXtec

Early detection and the associated improved health management are not the only key benefits of the smaXtec system for the Reiff family. Alicia Reiff also particularly enjoys the flexibility gained through the system. For her, the connection to the cows is no longer tied to the barn. "Since smaXtec, I can keep an eye on my animals anytime and anywhere, as the messages are sent directly to my mobile phone. Thanks to smaXtec, we can treat our cows faster and more specifically, which saves a lot of time. My employees can treat the selected animals in a targeted manner”.

Efficient fertility management

The implementation of the smaXtec system has also significantly increased the fertility rate on the Reiff farm: "The heat detection system from smaXtec has significantly improved the fertility rate in the barn. Even animals that are still in heat or not in heat are detected more quickly. Thanks to the newly introduced pregnancy examination management, cyst animals can also be treated better and faster. All in all, a significant increase in the pregnancy rate has been achieved," says Alicia Reiff proudly.

Timely intervention at calving thanks to alarms

The smaXtec calving alarm has not only improved the well-being of the cows, but has also already saved lives. "Recently, a cow and her calf were saved because a twisted uterus was recognised at an early stage. Thanks to the smaXtec calving alarm, the cow was under close observation and so it was possible to intervene at an early stage. Both animals were saved," says Alicia Reiff.

Preventive health management pays off

The continuous monitoring not only shows the health status of the animals, but also errors in health management: "Thanks to the system, we know which animals need support on a daily basis, which makes our work much easier and also saves time. Thanks to smaXtec, we have been able to optimise our work processes and thus minimise problem diseases such as ketosis, lameness or premature births, for example". Above all, the improved health management has also sustainably improved time management at the company and helped to better utilise personnel resources.

Time management, health and profitability

The improved time management has not only led to a healthier herd, but also to savings: "Thanks to the improved time management, we have fewer sick cows, so we can not only save costs, but also labour," says Alicia Reiff. The improved operational organisation and time flexibility in particular help the Reiff farm with its own profitability: "smaXtec gives us a good overview of the herd and optimal management. This allows us to treat diseases at an early stage and thus have fewer milk losses. With smaXtec, we have developed a better operational organisation on the farm, which has also made us much more flexible in terms of time."

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