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You want to use the revolutionary smaXtec early detection system on your farm? We are happy to work together on creating the perfect setup for your farm – starting from the selection of read-out devices to setting the alerts. Our customer support team will be there for you during and after the installation and will help you to make optimal use of the smaXtec system.

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Answers to the most frequent questions

Does smaXtec also work on pasture?

Many customers use smaXtec on pasture. We developed a specific algorithm for oestrues detection on pasture, and all other functions (calving detection, health and feeding monitoring) work just as in the freestall-barn. Depending on how long your cows are on pasture, we offer different solutions. If cows are on pasture on a long-term, we offer solar-powered read-out devices. Get in touch with us and we will prepare a non-binding offer based on your specific needs.

Is bolus technology safe for my cows?

Of course. The bolus technology has been developed carefully with veterinarians and technical experts. It complies to all necessary standards and has been tested and certified to be rumen fluid resistant by DLG (German Agricultural Association). There is no risk of interference with magnets or other digital systems in the barn.

The radiation of boluses is minimal. smaXtec boluses use a very low frequency, comparable to a garage door opener, and has no impact on animals or humans.

Can the bolus technology be used on organic farms?

Yes, smaXtec is suitable for organic farms. Numerous dairy farms already use the bolus technology. Dr. Georg Eckert from ABCERT, a certification institute for organic operators, confirms that bolus technology can be used on organic farms in this interview.

Great health monitoring with earliest possible disease detection is particularly interesting for organic farms. The earlier diseases are detected, the easier it is to comply with the considerably stricter regulations concerning medication.

I already use a milking robot. Does the system provide any additional information concerning health?

Definitely. Mastitis can be detected at an early stage based on an increased somatic cell count, but numerous other diseases such as pneumonia, retained placenta or influenza can only be detected early with continuous inner body temperature measurement. Additionally, smaXtec delivers further vital information such as calving detection and precise oestrus alerts, including a recommended insemination time.

How long does the bolus remain inside the cow?

The bolus remains inside the cow for a lifetime. It remains in the same position in the reticulum due to its own weight, and is neither regurgitated nor digested.

Can I see the system in live?

You can see how the system works on a live farm at a reference farm close to you. Additionally, many research institutes use the system and are happy to show visitors. Get in touch with us so we can arrange a visit or connect you with a farmer nearby.

I already use a herd management software. Can I connect the systems?

To make sure that using smaXtec is as easy as possible for you, we offer integrations with many common herd managements programmes. Check here if an integration with your system is already available.

I have bad mobile phone reception at my farm. Can I still use the system?

Of course: We only need a GSM connection to transmit data. This means, if you can call someone the network is good enough for data transmission. If this is not possible, the Base Station can be connected via Ethernet cable to a local router.

How many devices will I need on my farm?

Based on your farm size, we will figure out together how many read-out devices you will need so a continuous data transmission is ensured. If you decide to use smaXtec Classic Boluses, every cow receives a bolus for individual monitoring of health and fertility. If you want to monitor your cow’s feeding status, you will need to equip 6 to 10% of your herd with smaXtec pH Plus Boluses. Under the precondition that cows are fed the same way, you can draw conclusions on the feeding status and rumen health of the whole group.

I am not sure if it’s the right system for me.

Benefit from our starter package. First, you only equip a smaller part of your herd with smaXtec boluses and learn how to work with the system. You will see you smaXtec fits into your working routines and experience the benefits of the system yourself. If you’re not convinced other six weeks, you can return the read-out devices and cancel your subscription. This way, you can install the system with minimal risk on your farm and only equip the full herd after you have familiarized yourself with the system.

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Why you should choose smaXtec?
We help you to better understand your cows. Unique data and valuable information enable you to take data-based, informed decisions. This way, you improve reproduction, health and productivity of your cows. At the same time, the system saves you effort and cost while giving you peace of mind.