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Be successful! With healthy dairy cows

You want to be able to make informed, data-based decisions earliest possible?
You want to rapidly increase farm success as well as animal welfare? Then join ambitious dairy farmers who now understand their cattle even better, thanks to the unparalleled smaXtec bolus system.
Then get the unique bolus sensor system for dairy cows that has already saved farmers thousands of Dollars by detecting diseases, reducing medical bills and preventing milk loss whilst increasing animal welfare for your dairy operation!

You want to learn more about smaXtec, the proven health system?

What happy smaXtec customers say

Dan Lauderdale smaXtec customer from Wisconsin
‘The biggest benefit to having the smaXtec system is that we are catching sick cows and problem cows much earlier than we did in the past. It is exciting technology. Now that we have it, I couldn’t imagine going without it. smaXtec is a constant source of information – and it is accurate.’
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Better earlier.   With smaXtec.

smaXtec enables prevention through early detection. We support you with:

• Earliest possible detection of changes in the state of health

• Immediate notification at first signs of fever or metabolic diseases

• Reduced usage of medication like antibiotics (up to 70%)

• Significant increase in animal health



Precise heat detection (over 90%) incl. recommended insemination time reduces the need for hormon programs

• Improvement of conception rates and shorter calving intervals

• Fast identification of fertility problems


• Reliable and early detection calvings

• Sufficient time for preparation thanks to early notification (on average 15h before calving)

Prevention of serious complications in the critical period around calving

Reduced workload
Reduced workload

Time- and location- independent monitoring of your animals

Elimination of time-consuming routine work such as taking temperature or visual oestrus monitoring

• Integration with existing herd management systems

• Use of the data by other people (employees, veterinarians, …) free of charge

• Support from agricultural experts

What is so special about the smaXtec technology

smaXtec measures directly in the reticulum. Why is this the most suitable location? Because reticulum and rumen are the motor of the cow and signs of any changes first occur there.

This is why smaXtec detects diseases, signs of oestrus and onset of calving earliest possible. Farmers who are informed at an early stage can take precautionary measures and thus save costs, reduce diseases, and optimise heat detection and calving processesbetter than ever before.

How smaXtec helps you to better understand your cow

Unrivalled insights and accuracygive you an information advantage! If you can already see what is not yet visible on the outside, you can intervene sooner and avoid problems instead of having to deal with them. This way, you can ensure best possible animal welfare and improve your own work-life balance!

Permanent, direct insights with highest precision and AI-supported evaluations help you to even better understand your cows. This is why science, veterinarians and future-oriented farmers rely on smaXtec.

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How it works: increased success with smaXtec
Knowledge is the key to success! Thanks to valuable insights and recommended actions you know more than ever. smaXtec helps you to better understand your cows and enhance your herd management. This is how it works.
smaXtec System 1
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smaXtec boluses continuously collect data

The rumen bolus measures direct, insightful values with the highest accuracy inside your cows, in the reticulum. The boluses are administered once and are completely maintenance-free.

smaXtec System 2
Step 02 / 05

Read-out devices automatically transmit data

The smaXtec readout devices with integrated Internet connection read out the data from the smaXtec boluses and transfer it immediately to the smaXtec cloud. You only need a power socket for the readout device.

smaXtec System 3
Step 03 / 05

Comprehensive data analysis

At smaXtec, cow knowledge grows every second. And you benefit from it too! We analyse the unique cow data from all over the world with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications and combine it with knowledge from agricultural scientists and veterinarians. You receive precise alerts and recommendations for action so that you can take the right measures at the right time. This way, you increase animal welfare and your farm’s success at the same time.

smaXtec System 4
Step 04 / 05

Access data anywhere and anytime

You can access the clearly structured information and to-do lists on your smartphone and computer, independent of time and location. When action is needed, you receive an email and/or push notification and can take action promptly.

smaXtec System 5
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Facilitate your everyday work

With smaXtec you improve your management, optimise animal welfare, collaboration with advisors and veterinarians and make your farm future-proof!

Research approves the buzz!

In addition to valuable research studies conducted by the Oregon State University, University of Kentucky and the William Miner Agricultural Research Institute, smaXtec is now also exclusive bolus partner to the SmartHolstein Lab.

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