Chris Reed - Farmer

Dairy Farmer from New Zealand, 310 cows

In Hāwera, New Zealand, Chris Reed manages a flourishing herd of 330 cows with a keen eye for efficiency. Since installing smaXtec he has noticed an extensive impact through the advanced smaXtec system, especially reshaping day-to-day health management and mating strategies on his dairy farm.

Improvements in health management

The adoption of smaXtec on Chris Reed's farm has been a game-changer. The ability to observe and predict a cow's health at a glance has transformed the way Chris approaches daily tasks, allowing more informed planning. As Chris puts it, "One of the biggest advantages I have since I use smaXtec is regarding the health management. The health of a cow on a day to day basis you can see what's going on at a glance and predict what the day is going to look like and plan accordingly."

Enhancing Mating Efficiency

Also mating has seen significant improvements, with smaXtec aiding in the detection of silent heats. This breakthrough ensures that Chris Reed's cows potentially get pregnant earlier, a crucial factor in optimizing breeding outcomes. "The smaXtec system has also helped us with mating. We have been able to pick up silent heats, which has meant we hopefully get cows in calf earlier."

Early Mastitis Intervention with smaXtec

smaXtec has also contributed to a notable enhancement in mastitis detection on Chris Reed's farm. For him early identification is now possible, allowing swift decisions on whether treatment is necessary. Highlighting the impact, Chris Reed remarks, "The smaXtec system specifically has helped me improve cow health on my farm regarding the detection of mastitis. This means that there has been earlier identification so we can work out whether or whether not we're going to treat a cow. We don't get a lot of mastitis, but with dry cow mastitis and once in milk cows, the temperature alerts make it a lot easier.”

Improved Reproduction KPIs

Reproduction key performance indicators have experienced a remarkable transformation since the installation of smaXtec. The system serves as an early indicator for calving alerts, offering insights into the number of cows in the paddock and facilitating strategic planning for calf pick-ups. As one satisfied farmer attests, "The reproduction key performance indicators have changed a lot since installing smaXtec. It's a dream for calving alerts. We now know how many cows we are going to have in the paddock and we know how many calves we need to plan to pick up."

Transforming Daily Work

The impact of smaXtec extends beyond health and reproduction. It has fundamentally changed the daily routine of farm work for Chris Reed: "smaXtec has changed my daily work a lot. And I feel a little bit like a stalker because I'm on my phone watching my cows." This digital connection to the herd exemplifies the advantages of seamless integration of technology into the fabric of agricultural operations.

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