Jünck-Brun GbR - Farmer

Dairy farm in Germany, 280 cows

Why Michael Jünck choose smaXtec? "I waited to decide on an heat detection system because I wanted a system that could do more than just heat detection." the happy smaXtec customer recalls.

Before using the smaXtec system, they had fertility problems on the farm. Since using the innovative system, they have been solved: "Since using smaXtec, we detect every heat!", the dairy farmer says. But what he likes most about the system is that smaXtec can do much more than regular heat detection systems. He likes that it is an intelligent system that gets even better over time. He would definitely recommend the system to his colleagues as it works very well.

"You can rely on smaXtec 100%," Michael Jünck says happily. He has integrated the system into his daily routine and would not want to do work without it. Before each milking Michael Jünck checks his animals in the smaXtec Messenger. He has conspicuous animals selected in order to examine them more closely after milking, to carry out a California Mastitis Test if necessary or to treat them immediately.
The smaXtec system has already paid off on the farm. "Before I bought the early detection system from smaXtec, I the veterinary costs were too high. So something had to change fundamentally. Since we have been using the smaXtec bolus, we have been able to reduce the veterinary costs by half," Michael Jünck says enthusiastically.
In addition, the system means an enormous reduction in work for the farmer. Michael Jünck reports: "For me, cow monitoring with the smaXtec boluses means a reduction in workload, so that the system pays for itself. In addition, I can only maintain the high quantity of milk I deliver if I detect diseases early on.

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Michael Juenk
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