René Cornelissen - Farmer

Dairy Farmer from Denmark, 700 cows

René Cornelissen from Rødekro has been using the smaXtec system since April 2022 and has saved hundreds of working hours since then. “Before using smaXtec we manually took the temperature of every cow the first 14 days after calving which means we took the temperature every single day, and that took us almost an hour every day”, he says. “This is where we hope to save time and detect diseases even earlier than before.”

We chose smaXtec to get even more information for each animal and because the smaXtec Bolus measures the inner body temperature of every cow”, René reports. “With smaXtec we can record the inner temperature of all cows and with the same system we also get informed about imminent calving”, he says. Because smaXtec measures inner body temperature with the highest precision, early detection of important diseases like mastitis and milk fever are possible.

One system for all data

For René Cornelissen the temperature measurement is only the first benefit for his daily management tasks. “Additionally, smaXtec is also able to detect oestrus. We are also able to measure rumination as well as water intake”, the farmer reports. “So, we have a system where we can measure all of that for all 700 cows.”

For René Cornelissen the system has made working processes and management a lot easier. “With smaXtec we have one system with which we can measure everything: We can measure temperature of all cows and can see when cows are due to calve. We get an alert when they are about to calve, and then we can also simultaneously see water intake, so we can manage all our cows with only one system.”

Quick and easy installation

“The installation went very quickly. Two smaXtec employees came in the morning, they started installing the read-out devices and software to make it ready”, he reports. “We were able to administer all boluses in one afternoon. It certainly went better than expected.”

The optimal system for managing a growing herd

For René Cornelissen smaXtec plays an important role for future-proofing his farm. “Animal health is for us quite important because the performance is getting higher and higher, and the herd is getting bigger and bigger”, he says. The farmer is confident that the system enables him to keep an eye on every cow: “So we are ahead of diseases, so cows don't get sick, so we don't have to treat the cows with antibiotics.”

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