Stork GbR - Farmer

Dairy farm with farm shop in Germany, 80 cows

Animal health and welfare play an important role at dairy farm Stork. Stephan Stork decided to purchase the smaXtec system to monitor cow health continuously and the best way possible.

Temperature measurement is what Stephan Stork likes most about the system. “Temperature measurement is great, particularly for fresh cows, as it is ideal for health monitoring. Without smaXtec, this wouldn’t be possible to this extent because there’s not enough time.” Since implementing the system, various diseases have been detected: A beginning influenza was contained as early detection enabled the farmer to carry out vaccinations on time, and respiratory diseases were identified thanks to temperature alerts. And health monitoring pays off: Since using smaXtec, the somatic cell count was reduced to less than 90.000.

Stephan Stork also states that heat detection works really well. “The heat detection system of our milking robot is also active on our farm, but it cannot keep pace with the high precision of the smaXtec system.“

The smaXtec system has been smoothly integrated into the daily work routines. Each day, smaXtec alerts are accessed on the PC in the morning and in the evening. Additionally, the farmer uses the smaXtec App to access alerts. “It’s great to have all data on the smartphone – particularly during harvest time!”