What our customers say

Here's a selection of long-standing smaXtec customers from all over the world with various farm set-ups. Browse our reference farms and find out what our customers appreciate most in our system.

Testimonial Joy Widerman
Joy Widerman
„We have reduced the duration of treatment for both mastitis and metritis by 50%.“
US / Pennsylvania / Milking parlour / 1300 cows
smaXtec testimonial Koen van Steen
With video insights
Koen van Steen
„With the smaXtec system we are now able to milk 160 cows with one person.“
Netherlands / Terheijden / Milking robots / 162 cows
Thumbnail_David Tait
With video insights
David Tait
„smaXtec gives you unique information on rumination and drinking cycles at your fingertips.“
UK / Northern Ireland, Tyrone / Milking parlour / 110 cows
Picture of smaXtec testimonial Chris Reed
Chris Reed
„smaXtec has also helped us with mating and we have been able to pick up silent heats.“
New Zealand / Taranaki / Milking parlour / 310 cows
smaXtec testimonial Steve Harnish
Central Manor
„Adding smaXtec has lowered our days open and repro cull rate.“
US / Pennsylvania / Milking parlour / 200 cows
Picture of smaXtec testimonial Ron Dawydko
Ron Dawydko
„Our lactating treatment usage is down somewhere around 12% from this time a year ago.“
US / New York / Milking parlour / 300 cows
Picture of smaXtec testimonial Natasha Sutherland
With video insights
Natasha Sutherland
„With the smaXtec system, we had a noticeable decrease in cost of our reproductive therapies.“
US / New York / Milking parlour / VAS / 1225 cows
smaXtec testimonial Eric Grotegut
With video insights
Eric Grotegut
„Our milk yield has increased in our first lactation animals by about three pounds.“
US / Wisconsin / Milking parlour / VAS / 3300 cows
smaXtec testimonial Martin Billington in his barn
With video insights
Martin Billington
„I chose smaXtec over other systems, largely because of the added benefits from the health.“
UK / Staffordshire / Milking parlour / 260 cows
Bill Jewell
With video insights
Bill Jewell
„Antibiotic use has definitely dropped because we're not treating the cows for so long.“
UK / Cornwall / Milking parlour / UNIFORM-Agri / 650 cows
smaXtec testimonial Sarah Russell
Sara Russel
„Thanks to smaXtec we're kicking 75% of our mastitis cases straight off.“
New Zealand / Ashburton / Milking parlour / 850 cows
Testimonial Luehmann
Sheldon Luehmann
„smaXtec has taken the guess work out of a lot of day-to-day decisions and actions.“
US / Altura, Minnesota / Milking parlour / 125 cows
smaXtec testimonial Fränk Thielen
Fränk Thielen
„Thanks to smaXtec the use of antibiotics was reduced by around 20% from 2022 to 2023.“
Luxemburg / Stockem / Milking parlour / 70 cows
nathan radue
Nathan Radue
„smaXtec rumination monitoring allows me to tell if the ration adjustments I made are working“
US / Wisconsin / Milking parlour / 250 cows
Jason Kline Klinedell farms
Jason Kline
„It’s like having eyes on each of your cows on a full-time basis.“
US / Mayerstown, Pennsylvania / Milking parlour / 190 cows
smaXtec testimonial chad butts
Chad Butts
„smaXtec can help you make accurate day-to-day herd management decisions.“
US / Homer, New York / Milking parlour / 800 cows
jon cleave
With video insights
Jon Cleave
„It's a pair of eyes watching the cows 24/7.“
UK / Cornwall / Milking parlour / UNIFORM-Agri / 180 cows
William Daly from Ireland
With video insights
William Daly
„With smaXtec, we can pick up early, detect early and treat early.“
Ireland / Cork / Milking parlour / 142 cows