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We are

The health system that future-proofs dairy farms.

smaXtec is shaping the future of the global dairy industry. We are pioneers and technology leaders in a growing industry, with the aim to make a difference. For people, animals and the environment. smaXtec means investing in the future.

smaXtec is a revolutionary and reliable health system that provides the most valuable insights to make dairy farms around the world more resource efficient, sustainable and profitable.

The smaXtec system

We facilitate proactive and preventive health, reproduction and feeding management of dairy cows.
With technical innovation, artificial intelligence, expertise in veterinary medicine, feeding science and herd management, and our strong team spirit, we make dairy farms worldwide future-proof – in a more resource-efficient way than ever before.

We set new standards in terms of animal welfare, sustainability and profitability. Prevention through the earliest possible disease detection and resource-saving advisory is possible for the first time – thanks to smaXtec.

Recognition & Success

We are very proud of the many awards and prizes we have received in recent years, both for our achievements in the field of precision dairy farming and as a company.

Our awards
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smaXtec is an impact brand

Our mission is to establish a new standard of sustainability in the dairy industry. We enable dairy farms to become future-proof through proactive health, reproduction and feeding management of dairy cows. We provide opportunities for preventive action, which increases the profitability of farms while improving animal welfare and making low-resource milk production possible.

As a technology leader we use the most advanced innovations and artificial intelligence. We are commited to:

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dairy production

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Animal welfare
and cow knowledge

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and transparency

Sustainability is a core concern for smaXtec. With our products and services for dairy farms of all sizes, we make an important contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations.

SDG 2: Zero hunger

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

SDG 13: Climate action

SDG 13: Life on land

How we work Our values

We are brave, forward-thinking and responsible. We are smaXtec.
We achieve high-quality, beneficial insights with determination.

  • We are forward-thinking
  • We are responsible
  • We are brave
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We are forward-thinking

By constantly developing our products and services and extending our technological edge, we offer our customers a future-proof solution that will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Environmental, Social und Governance Goals

We are responsible

We are aware of our responsibility towards dairy farmers and their herds, but also towards society and our environment. Therefore, we work with ambition and compassion on the continuous development of our system.

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We are brave

With determination, confidence and a positive attitude, we are creating a more sustainable future - for dairy cows, dairy farms, farmers, consumers and our environment.

We make dairy farms future-proof and enable preventive and proactive management of health, reproduction and feeding. For profitable farms, better animal welfare and resource-saving milk production.

How it works
smaXtec CEO Stefan Rosenkranz
Das smaXtec-Team auf einer Stiege vor einem weißen Haus

We set new standards in terms of animal welfare, sustainability and profitability, and unlock a whole new proactive space for action based on our unique early detection.

Stefan Scherer,
CEO strategy & sales
smaXtec CEO Stefan Scherer

Company history

Our company
Our story


Curiosity turns
into novelty

The idea for smaXtec was already born in 2006 out of the curiosity of two technicians, who came across a problem in dairy farming: Rumen pH values are highly valuable for research and improvement of dairy farming but can only be measured laboriously and in few animals. Our founders Stefan Rosenkranz and Mario Fallast quickly realised that there must be a better solution. And they started to develop sensors that continuously measure data inside the rumen as pioneers – and, with success!

smaXtec co-founder and CEO Stefan Rosenkranz

From research
to progress

Founded in 2009 as a research project, smaXtec is the world market leader in its field today. We realized that the rumen is not only perfectly suitable to measure rumen pH values, but also to collect further unique and valuable data for farmers, such as inner body temperature or activity.

smaXtec founder Mario Fallast
smaXtec co-founder Mario Fallast

From dairy cow
to the market

In 2016, commercial marketing of the products started, paving the way for the most comprehensive health monitoring for dairy farms of all sizes. But this was just the beginning of our success story.

smaXtec customer holds bolus into the camera
In 2016 the commercialization of the smaXtec system started.

Out of the cow
into the cloud

With the introduction of smaXtec TruRumi™ TECHNOLOGY in 2020, we were able to add an additional parameter to our unique system – rumination. Thanks to the direct measurement inside the reticulum, the system guarantees unrivalled precision and allows for even better decisions in health and feeding as well as in estrus and calving, setting a new standard in early detection, supported by the smaXtec TruD™ cloud technology.

The smaXtec TruD™ technology

& Growth

With the aim of bringing positive change to the dairy industry in the long term and further expanding the company's technological lead, Stefan Scherer took over the management together with founder Stefan Rosenkranz at the beginning of 2020. Despite the global impact of the covid pandemic, smaXtec is continuously expanding the team and opening up new direct markets with its own subsidiaries, such as in Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

smaXtec CEOs Stefan Scherer and Stefan Rosenkranz
CEO Stefan Scherer with Founder & CEO Stefan Rosenkranz at the EuroTier Innovation Award ceremony.

What does smaXtec mean?

smaXtec is composed of the words SMART and TECHNOLOGY. The X stands for the crossover of two disciplines, the basis of our success, – and is therefore always capitalized.

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