Reproduction: Heat and calving detection

Heat detection

Calving detection

Heat detection

What does heat detection mean?

Don’t miss heats anymore – thanks to the precise, reliable and automatic heat detection. This way, you know exactly when to inseminate a cow and improve the reproductive success on your farm.

Nowadays, dairy cows show shorter and weaker signs of heat, which additionally often takes place at night. Therefore, the risk of missing a heat is high, as the effort for observation is large and there are so many other things to do on the farm. Often, there is not enough staff to invest sufficient time in oestrus monitoring.

However, every missed heat is a cost factor. According to studies, the cost for missed heats is at 80 to 120 Euro.

Cow in estrus

smaXtec supports you in a way that this doesn’t happen to you: The smaXtec system detects heat for you and provides you with additional information on the ideal insemination time.

Your benefits

  • Identify ideal insemination time.
  • Inseminate at the right time.
  • Increase reproductive success.
Heat detection advantages

How do you benefit from precise and automatic heat detection?

Shorter calving intervals
calving intervals
Improved pregnancy rates
pregnancy rates
Reduced insemination cost and ongoing productivity
Reduced insemination cost
and ongoing productivity
No need for hormone programmes
No need for
hormone programmes
Less time required for heat monitoring and tracking
Less time required for
heat monitoring and tracking
Identification of cows with fertility issues
Identification of
cows with fertility issues
Heat detection

How does smaXtec heat detection work?

smaXtec detects heats based on behavioural changes of your cows. The system analyses behaviour over a longer time and suggests an insemination time as soon as oestrus has been detected.

Thanks to the insemination window, you know exactly when insemination has the highest probability for success, at which time success probability is already reduced and at which time you shouldn’t inseminate the cow anymore.

No matter if in the free-stall barn or on pasture: smaXtec reliably supports you in detecting oestrus with specific algorithms for different types of husbandry.
Heat detection

Identify fertility issues rapidly

Digital, continuous heat detection has one more advantage: You are always aware of the current fertility status of a cow, and you see immediately if a cow’s cycle is suspicious and indicates fertility issues. This way, you can act rapidly and improve your cows’ fertility.
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Calving detection

What does calving detection mean?

With smaXtec you do not need to set an alarm at night to check if the cow is giving birth. You are informed upfront. This way, you take necessary preparations and support the cow if necessary.

With smaXtec you do not only monitor your cows’ health in the critical phase around birth, you are also informed before calving takes place. How it works? The change in body temperature is commonly and scientifically accepted as an indicator of imminent calving. Temperature decreases considerably when the calving process starts.

Based on this scientific finding, smaXtec detects calving early. You receive notifications 15 hours before calving on average, and have a good overview of your animals.

Your benefits

  • Be informed early.
  • Make preparations.
  • Support if necessary.
Calving detection advantages

How do you benefit from smaXtec's early calving detection?

Before calving

  • You are informed earlier and can take all necessary preparations
  • You can use the calving area efficiently
  • You will be informed, even when a calf is born earlier than expected
  • If necessary, you can take preventative measures, such as administering calcium boluses

Support during calving

  • If you already know that complications might occur you can inform the vet early, e.g. in case of malposition
  • This way you are ready to support cow and calf during the birth process if necessary
  • The right assistance will help to reduce the number of dead-born calves
  • Additionally, you can decrease the risk of retained placentas and uterine infections

After calving

  • Thanks to the additional health information you immediately know if any diseases occur in the critical period post-calving, e.g. if the cow suffers from milk fever
  • Proactive health management helps in improving fertility and reduce calving intervals

smaXtec calving detection is convenient!

The best thing about it? Calving detection is integrated in your smaXtec system. You have no additional work to detect calving, e.g. mount a sensor upfront, and you will be informed directly in the software.
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