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Has your dairy farm reached it's full potential? With the high-precision smaXtec health system, you can achieve just that. Benefit now from the continuous measurement of inner body temperature, group temperature analysis and the innovative feeding tool. Get the best out of your business!

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smaXtec bolus technology: the standard for early detection on dairy farms.

Inner body temperature
Inner body temperature
Rumination activity with TruRumi™ technology
Rumination activity with TruRumi™ technology
Drinking cycles and water intake
Drinking cycles and water intake

Through continuous measurement of these parameters, you always have an eye on the health of your animals!

Thanks to comprehensive information, you are already aware of diseases such as mastitis up to 4 days earlier. This allows you to react quickly and minimize serious illnesses and antibiotics. With smaXtec, you understand your cows even better and optimize your operation with ease!

Look beyond the horizon!

smaXtec provides comprehensive health solutions. From health monitoring to feeding management and group analyses – discover your farm’s hidden potential with smaXtec:

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    Feeding management

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    Transition management

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    Ration management

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    Employee management

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    Vet/advisor management

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    Social stress

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    Housing errors

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    Selective dry off

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    Feed contamination, mycotoxins

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    Stray voltage

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    Water supply

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How smaXtec increases your success!

The smaXtec health system uses bolus technology to provide you with unique and highly accurate data. This helps you to make your health, reproduction and feeding management even more precise, simple and effective. The result: healthier cows and higher milk yield!

smaXtec System 1
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smaXtec boluses continuously collect data

The rumen bolus measures direct, insightful values with the highest accuracy inside your cows, in the reticulum. The boluses are administered once and are completely maintenance-free.

smaXtec System 2
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Read-out devices automatically transmit data

The smaXtec readout devices with integrated Internet connection read out the data from the smaXtec boluses and transfer it immediately to the smaXtec cloud. You only need a power socket for the readout device.

smaXtec System 3
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Comprehensive data analysis

At smaXtec, cow knowledge grows every second. And you benefit from it too! We analyse the unique cow data from all over the world with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications and combine it with knowledge from agricultural scientists and veterinarians. You receive precise alerts and recommendations for action so that you can take the right measures at the right time. This way, you increase animal welfare and your farm’s success at the same time.

smaXtec System 4
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Access data anywhere and anytime

You can access the clearly structured information and to-do lists on your smartphone and computer, independent of time and location. When action is needed, you receive an email and/or push notification and can take action promptly.

smaXtec System 5
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Facilitate your everyday work

With smaXtec you improve your management, optimise animal welfare, collaboration with advisors and veterinarians and make your farm future-proof!

Do you have hidden potential? Discover it with smaXtec!

Subclinical milk fever, if detected too late or overlooked, can lead to serious problems – from impaired performance to possible follow-up diseases such as metritis, ketosis and displaced abomasum.

With smaXtec you have the solution: Avoid these problems through early detection and treatment. Our system detects subclinical milk fever in its early stages, allows for prompt action, and prevents possible follow-up diseases later in lactation.

Through precise monitoring and early detection, smaXtec not only enables higher herd performance but also prevents serious health problems.

A look at the lactation curve makes the difference clear!

The smaXtec system not only enables early detection of potential health problems and any secondary diseases but also identifies feeding errors, allowing you to maximize milk yield and profitability.

The diagram shows how you can achieve a higher performance in the first 100 days of lactation with smaXtec. The difference of 4400 lbs of milk per lactation is crucial – at a milk price of 15.68 USD, this means a loss of 690 USD per animal.

Discover your hidden potential now!

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What happy customers say about smaXtec

Steve Harnish, Central Manor Dairy LLC 200 cows, PA, US

“We can individually monitor every cow through her transition phase. From a calving alert to real-time monitors of rumination, and body temperature I have an alert about a possible metabolic disorder before there are any other clinical signs.”

Picture of smaXtec testimonial Steve Harnish
Picture of smaXtec testimonial Natasha Sutherland

Natasha Sutherland, Stein Farm 1225 cows, NY, US

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know. Now that we have smaXtec in our cows, the sheer amount of data that we’re receiving has been instrumental in helping us to understand what it’s going to take to move forward, to be a more productive, more effective herd. Now that I know, I don’t think I could ever go backwards.”

Rosario Ibarra & Eric Grotegut, Grotegut Dairy Farm 3300 cows, WI, US

“It’s allowing us to redirect our people to the areas that need more attention, and I think that’s a big payoff for us. We are more efficient. Now we’re trying to only focus on cows that are triggered by the system instead of walking through the barns and distracting cows when they’re supposed to be eating.”