Understand your cow.
even better.

from within.

Early detection in dairy cows has never been easier, more precise and robust.
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What is

A revolutionary cow understanding system.

Many can observe, only few can understand. With smaXtec, you take better care of your herd by gaining even more understanding for every single cow. Animal welfare, animal health and heat detection increase significantly and additionally you receive early calving alerts. The economic success of your farm and your personal work-life-balance as a farmer will increase immediately.

Why does early detection
make sense?

Here’s an example of a typical disease progression in a cow, on the left with smaXtec services and on the right without.
smaXtec detects
Treatment with
weaker medication
thanks to early detection
Recovery process
Cow is completely healthy
again. Milk quality: 100%
up to 4 days before
clinical symptoms
are visible
Disease develops,
clinical symptoms
not visible yet
Climax of the disease
Farmer or vet
starts treatment
Recovery process
(Legal) waiting period
in case of strong
Cow is healthy
and milk can
be sold again

from inside

No one is as close to the animal as smaXtec

Safe. Easy. Better. That’s how smaXtec works. The unique, awarded system measures the most important parameters at the safest and most precise spot: Inner body temperature and activity levels are measured directly in the reticulum 24/7. This way, smaXtec guarantees the highest data quality without external influences.
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Simply better cow and herd management

smaXtec measures cow individual data around the clock and informs you immediately in case of irregularities. Thanks to the revolutionary direct measurement of inner body temperature, smaXtec detects health issues and calvings considerably earlier. Activity level measurement enables precise heat detection. Additionally, you can optimize feeding based on pH values.
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Smartphone or computer –
you have the choice.

You have everything you need to use the system! You only need a smartphone or computer and a functioning power outlet. The user friendly smaXtec software facilitates herd management with useful overviews. Our committed customer support team will assist you during installation as well as usage of the system with maximum engagement. Your success is our success!
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Do you already use
a herd management system?


Advantages of smaXtec for farmers without herd management systems:

smaXtec secures your farm’s future. Individual cow and herd management happens more location- and time-independent.
  • Early detection and better cow/herd understanding
  • Digital cow and herd management
  • Revolutionary health monitoring
  • Reduced usage of medication such as antibiotics
  • No need for time-consuming routine work such as taking temperature or visual estrus and calving observation.
  • Time- and location-independent monitoring of your herd
  • More time for the family, hobbies and holidays

What happy customers
say about smaXtec

Paul Doble
Great Britain, 95 COWS
I use smaXtec as an early warning system, to pick up issues early, take preventive measures and reduce use of antibiotics.
Dairy Farm Heil
Austria, 54 COWS
The smaXtec calving detection works 95% of the time, if not more, at our farm. Additionally, the calving interval has decreased by 15 days.
Quintrell Jerseys
Great Britain, 300 COWS
During calving and AI time, the system is invaluable, especially the notifications on my phone. With smaXtec, it’s like having an extra person watching the cows. It has reduced stress – on us and the cows!
Stork GbR
Germany, 80 COWS
Since implementing the system, we detected various diseases and we were able to reduce our somatic cell count to less than 90.000.
Dairy Farm Brandtner
Austria, 60 COWS
We save time as we do not need to regularly take temperature in fresh cows anymore. Not having to take temperature manually is really convenient.
Jünck-Brun GbR
Germany, 280 COWS
We had fertility issues on our farm. Since using smaXtec, we detect every heat!
Stefan Schrottner
Austria, 80 COWS
smaXtec is a system that can do pretty much everything: calving and heat detection, as well as monitoring important aspects of animal health. No other system informs you as early as smaXtec.
Smaxtec Reference Schrottner
Finja Tangermann
Germany, 160 COWS
The smaXtec system has many advantages for us: It helps us to increase revenue, improve key figures and make better usage of our working time. Additionally, smaXtec enables us to have healthier cows on our farm.
Smaxtec Reference Tangermann

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