What our customers say

Here's a selection of long-standing smaXtec customers from all over the world with various farm set-ups. Browse our reference farms and find out what our customers appreciate most in our system.

Thumbnail Paul Doble
With video insights
Paul Doble
"With smaXtec we reduced the vet’s bill on antibiotics."
UK / 95 cows
With video insights
Stork GbR
"smaXtec identifies health problems two days earlier than we would with the milking robot."
Germany / Bavaria / Milking robots / 80 cows
Quintrell Jerseys
"smaXtec reduces stress – for us as well as for the cows."
UK / 300 cows
Martin Kleiner
Martin Kleiner & Denise Lauer
"The heat detection of the smaXtec system is ingenious for inseminations!"
Germany / Baden-Wuerttemberg / 120 cows
Familie Schoderer
Farm Schoderer
"Since using smaXtec, we have had no cows suffering from milk fever."
Germany / Bavaria / 80 cows
Philipp Deitmer
Kümpers GmbH
"smaXtec measures very precisely what is going on inside the cow."
Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia / 120 cows
Daniela Schönberger
"The measurement of rumination completes the system and makes it an all-in-one package. "
Germany / Rhineland-Palatinate / 270 cows
Manuela Zehendmaier
Manuela Zehendmaier
"Thanks to smaXtec, I don’t need to get up at night every 2 hours to look out for calvings."
Germany / Bavaria / 30 cows / Organic farm
Familienfoto Geiger
Alexander Geiger
"The continuous tracking of inner body temperature lets you react to diseases very early."
Germany / Bavaria / 104 cows
Franz Gahleitner
Franz Gahleitner
"With smaXtec I’m always up to date about my cows’ health."
Austria / Upper Austria / 48 cows
Mühlbacher Josef_Testimonial
Josef Mühlbacher
"smaXtec not only detects mastitis, but also infections of the lung. "
Austria / 70 cows
Familie Heil_1220x866 px
Dairy Farm Heil
"For mastitis, we get a temperature alert 12 to 24 hours before there are visible symptoms."
Austria / Styria / 54 cows
Brandtner 1
Dairy Farm Brandtner
"Through smaXtec, we already detected some cases of mastitis and milk fever very early on."
Austria / Styria / 60 cows
Jünck-Brun GbR
"Since using the smaXtec boluses, our veterinary costs have halved."
Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia / 280 cows
Cam Forbes
"smaXtec allowed us to improve feed rations and animal health."
New Zealand / Manawatū-Whanganui / 600 cows
Bruno Martin, Lallemand
"smaXtec allows the farm manager to make good choices."
France / Rumen pH measurement
Martin Niederleitner
"smaXtec offers us reliable control of postnatal complications and better heat detection."
Austria / Upper Austria / 35 cows
Smaxtec Reference Schrottner
Stefan Schrottner
"After only half a day, we had administered all boluses anthe system was up and running."
Austria / Styria / 80 cows