What our customers say

Here's a selection of long-standing smaXtec customers from all over the world with various farm set-ups. Browse our reference farms and find out what our customers appreciate most in our system.

Familie Heil_1220x866 px
Dairy Farm Heil
"For mastitis, we get a temperature alert 12 to 24 hours before there are visible symptoms."
Austria / Styria / 54 cows
Brandtner 1
Dairy Farm Brandtner
"Through smaXtec, we already detected some cases of mastitis and milk fever very early on."
Austria / Styria / 60 cows
Jünck-Brun GbR
"Since using the smaXtec boluses, our veterinary costs have halved."
Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia / 280 cows
Cam Forbes
"smaXtec allowed us to improve feed rations and animal health."
New Zealand / Manawatū-Whanganui / 600 cows
Bruno Martin, Lallemand
"smaXtec allows the farm manager to make good choices."
France / Rumen pH measurement
Martin Niederleitner
"smaXtec offers us reliable control of postnatal complications and better heat detection."
Austria / Upper Austria / 35 cows
Smaxtec Reference Schrottner
Stefan Schrottner
"After only half a day, we had administered all boluses anthe system was up and running."
Austria / Styria / 80 cows
Smaxtec Reference Tangermann
With video insights
Finja Tangermann
"smaXtec was profitable after one year and three months already."
Germany / 160 cows